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May 22- Is summer early?

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kinda scary to me..temps are higher than I like..and it is early season yet!! Then on the news they announce that Colorado is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in years..oh goodie!
I am glad I did not work on getting a lawn going..it is going to be destroyed anyhow when the septic work is done. On a list now...4 to 6 weeks till they show up...I hope they get here and get it done, inspected and complete before my GD and family arrive! I cannot imagine 5 people in a house with NO bathroom!! or showers either..Not sure how long it takes for inspector to get here..haven't even started the work and now I am nervous about it!!
My birds have found two spots with lots of shade and they stay there. Once when I was looking for them I started wondering if there was a hole in the fence or what..there was not a bird in sight! Then I started calling...I had an armload of weeds for them, It was like the tree came to life...the hens came running and Sir C started his "there's food here" call to get them to gather up. Yacky came waddling up slowly...The geese must have been happy where they were since they stayed put!
Molly doesn't like the hot weather either..she would much rather be inside under the cooler. But she has discovered that there is shade and a bit of a cool spot under the lil deck that was built for her to get to her dawggie door.
It was with interest I read the comments about growing plants, cactus , etc. Yes I was told I probably watered them too much..a friend of mine made a small cactus garden for me..and gave me strict instructions on how much and how often to water them. I followed it , and it took a while longer but they did all curl up and go away over time! I did have a beautiful cactus garden in the circle of the drive way at our house in OKLA. It was all native plants that I had moved there ,,they were happy lil cacti!!
I really miss having chicks and baby ducks. Good job I did not go to the feed store while they had them ..I know I wouldn't have made it home without getting some. Maybe next year!!
For now my days are busy and there is much to do..
Now ya'al have a great weekend !
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