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Thoughts About Covid-19

Thursday, May 21, 2020

For Week 3 of my Aspire and Inspire team’s BSG challenge, I chose to write Option 1: The last month or two has been stressful for so many with COVID-19 forcing all of us to stay at home. How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your life? What have you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?

This isn’t an easy blog topic to write about. I usually shy away from writing about negative things and when I do, I have to be in the right frame of mind. I’m not quite there but here I go anyway!

I still wake up some days and think this pandemic must be a bad dream - after all, who in their wildest dreams would think something like this could possibly happen in our modern society and that a virus could affect our lifestyles so dramatically and completely? It’s absolutely crazy, and scary to think how long it will last and if we will ever get back to our normal way of doing things, and how our countries’ economies will survive!

Mostly I feel very fortunate and grateful for my blessings through all of this! I feel so badly and pray for those who have such hardships - loss of jobs, not having enough money for food or to pay the bills, and for those having to work in places where there is a high risk of acquiring the virus. My heart goes out to the kids who can’t go to school and be with their friends and teachers, high school students who are missing proms and graduations, people who are missing other big celebrations like weddings, and of course those with ill family members who can’t be with them in the hospital or visit them in their assisted living residences. There are so many who are high affected by the pandemic. For me, the changes are just inconveniences. I can’t go to the gym or to all my weekly retirement activities - no big deal! We now order groceries online, we will probably have to cancel our summer vacations...but I have no right to complain! I am so thankful that my dh and I continue to get our pension checks each month and our adult son, who lives with us, has not lost his job. He continues to work each day, installing garage doors in the new houses that continue to be built in our community. I am also so grateful to live in central Florida, where the weather has been so beautiful the past few months and I could continue to enjoy the outdoors through walks and recently getting back to golf. I was very concerned in the beginning that our large retirement community of seniors would become a hotspot, but :knock on wood: the three counties near us do not have many people who have contracted or died from the coronavirus. The county I live in has 253 cases with 17 deaths, whereas the counties I lived at in Pennsylvania have cases over 4000 and 6000 and deaths over 400 and 600. Many people who live here have other homes in the north and usually go back to them in April or May. But now they are staying here longer. Our PA friends who usually just rent the months of February and March are still here, not going back till mid June. They can do more here than back home. Florida has reopened restaurants, retail stores and swimming pools, last week hair and nail salons were allowed to reopen, and on June 1st, the gyms will open their doors again (all with accommodations, safety precautions, and limited capacity.) I am not in a hurry to go to anything right away. I have gone out to lunch three times though, and went shopping at clothing stores for the first time yesterday, wearing a mask. I have not been to the pool yet and I have yet to make a nail appt. I do have an appt at the hair salon on June 5th.

So, the second question is what have I learned from this pandemic? I will try to keep this part positive and maybe a little humorous, as well.

1. I can survive with gray hair and no manicures/pedicures, less toilet paper and no shopping days or social gatherings!

2. It feels pretty comfortable to live each day in gym shorts and a t-shirt and yes, go without a bra and makeup!

3. I have plenty of things to do at home to keep me content and occupied without being bored. I love to read, do puzzles, paint, etc. I especially enjoyed painting rocks and secretly delivering them into neighbors’ gardens for a little surprise and cheer!

4. I am so thankful for technology to both entertain and communicate with others, whether it be texting, Zoom meetings, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

5. It feels good to slow down the pace of the day, to enjoy a sunrise and sunset, fresh air, flowers, birds and other wildlife.

6. As much as I enjoyed going out to dinner, eating homemade meals are much healthier. And I have been having fun finding new recipes to make.

7. While the pandemic can bring the nasty out of some people and there are those who don’t think they have to follow the rules, the other side of the coin is that it mostly brings out the good, as many people show concern and compassion, and help and give support to those in need. For example, all those who have sewn face masks to donate. I am amazed at people’s creativity and talents!

I am sure there are many other things I have not thought of to mention. Mostly, I think that the pandemic has made us all appreciate the day-to-day contact we had with others. I miss hugging friends so much, and can’t wait till we can do it again without worrying about getting Covid-19!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What is important to me is life, Avoiding doing anything to harm myself or others. I'm a retired critical care nurse and many have given their all. We will not forget. I will never return to "normal"
    352 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/28/2020 8:11:14 PM
    I can really relate to this whole pandemic feeling so surreal. I am so glad you are where you are in Florida and not in Pennsylvania where the pandemic has hit much harder. I must say that I too have learned the same things. I too really miss hugging my friends. I hope that they come up with a vaccine soon so that things can hopefully go back to the way things had been for the most part. emoticon emoticon
    356 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    ou have learn a llot through the pandemic emoticon for sharing
    358 days ago
    Very good blog. Thanks for posting Amy. There are pros and cons to everything and this pandemic sure has brought out the best and the worst all around. Several big trips I had planned were cancelled and rightfully so but trying to get the refund on them has not been easy. Funny how airlines, cruise lines, etc all want the $$ way before you leave yet it takes months to get your refund which by law they are required to give.

    BUT spending lots of time in the garden...made it bigger than ever this year. Can't wait for things to get back to 'normal' and see people again.
    359 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    Great blog Amy. You have learned a lot living through the pandemic and, like you, I feel fortunate to continue to receive my pension. Thanks for sharing and focusing on the positives. Hugs, Barbie
    359 days ago
    Great blog! It's amazing how our lives have changed.
    359 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Such a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings. This pandemic has changed so many things. Quite frankly, I am not sure if we will ever return back to "normal". Keep focusing on the positivity my friend. Thanks for sharing.
    359 days ago
    Amy, I can relate to it feeling surreal. My granddaughter is a graduating high school senior. On one hand it's a disappointment that she cannot have a regular ceremony, but on the other hand they do plan to have a virtual ceremony which means I can also attend without traveling. You're so lucky to be where you are rather than up in Pennsylvania.
    359 days ago
    Yes, despite all -- there ARE blessings.
    359 days ago
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