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The chapter before the last two chapters

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The first chapter of my new year started on my 61st birthday 3 months ago when I adopted two beautiful adult cats. I finally accepted that part of the dissonance inside me was that I was tired of being alone. More specifically, I missed having a fur baby to dote on. My sister (bless her heart forever) gifted me with the pet deposit for my apartment for my birthday. When I went to pay it at the office, I was delighted to learn there would be no pet rent! This was a definite sign that it was time! I decided to adopt on my 2-week vacation so we would have some getting acquainted and settling time.

I spent the Sunday before my birthday with my Giggle Twin (and one of my best friends). She took me to breakfast at one of our favorite places “Bad Owl Coffee,” a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop. Almost everything there is Harry Potter related, including the name of the food and drinks. (I had Lavender Latte and Padfoot waffles with butterbeer flavored butter, Chrissy had Butterbeer latte, and also the Padfoot waffles) They do pay homage to other fantasy icons throughout the shop.

I found the Tardis at Bad Owl Coffee (No sign of The Doctor, darn it!)

After our delicious brunch, we decided to start shopping for all the stuff I needed for my new family member, so I would be ready when I finally found my fur baby. We went to PetSmart and of course as soon as we walked in, there was a sign that they were having an adoption day. *GRINS* Like a moth to a flame (Or in this instance, a cat to catnip) we made a beeline to the adoption center and there they were.

My girls, half-sisters. One, oh so shy and the other, well, as soon as I held her, I knew they were mine. The center had named them Tuddy and Honey. Honey still has her name, but I just couldn’t call Tuddy…well, Tuddy. She’s just Tee now. Whilst I filled out the paperwork, Chrissy started the shopping for essentials. After paying for everything, we took the babies home. They immediately ran and hid in my room, which I knew would happen. I also knew it will be at least three months until they are fully settled and comfortable. To my surprise Honey was the first one to wander out for a brief time, then Tee came out for a bit. Then I moved my leg and they both ran off back to the room.

Well, last Sunday was the three-month anniversary of bringing these two beautiful creatures into my life and home. It's amazing that these two have burrowed themselves so deeply into my heart and soul in such a short amount of time. We’ve come a long way, and I know we may have a way to go, but every day is a revelation and baby steps closer to being the kind of family I look forward to becoming. And they have certainly made this pandemic easier for me to deal with!

The girlies are doing well. At first, neither one of them liked to be held. Tee still doesn’t (REALLY doesn’t) However, we still have our morning and evening loving time (Tee has to be on my chest and snuggling, but it is on her terms!) and at some point, out of nowhere, we even started playing! I had wiggled my fingers under the sheet and Tee attacked them over and over! *LOL* she so surprised me! We played for a couple of minutes and then she decided that it was enough. I was So excited!

Honey will let me hold her for a few seconds now as long as I put her down and love on her a bit. She loves me to stroke her back and run my fingernails down it. She and Tee are playing more intensely with that dratted, elusive red dot! They get riled up, jump up and chase after their nemesis to the point where Honey flipped over and chased it a wee bit up the wall. I even got a little wiggle butt action one

Oh! Honey just dashed into the living room, took a vertical leap into the air and attacked a scrap of paper on the floor, then dashed off like she was being chased by a bat out of hell! Methinks this is a good sign!

This is Miss Tee

This is Miss Honey

Honey Splooting!

My gorgeous girls

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