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If The World Hadn't Gotten Sick....

Monday, May 18, 2020

Another Monday, another start of a sheltering in place week, has lead me to put my thoughts down about what I would have been doing had the world not gotten sick!

I would right now be in Wyoming visiting with my sister and her family after having flown over 4,000 miles from my home in England.

I would be next heading to my son's house in Colorado to celebrate with his family as my oldest granddaughter graduates from High School and prepares to enter University. My daughter would have flown in from NJ and we would have driven down to their location together and stayed in an AirB&B. I would also have seen my youngest son from Montana.

I would once again be preparing for a Health and Well being retreat trip to Vermont in July to enhance my emotional, mental and physical well-being.

I would be assisting my adult learners as they achieve their Diploma level Health and Safety qualification.

I would be actively teaching face-to-face lessons to several groups of adult learners at the local college.

I would be attending Sunday worship services at my church.

I would be able to zip into a store and quickly pick up what I needed anytime I needed.

I would be going to my gym and enjoying my weekly boxing session that I have been doing for 13 years!

I would be able to have my hair cut and coloured by my fantastic hair stylist.

*******The above are some of the things that I am NOT able to do right now...BUT I want to turn my attention to THESE: these are some the things I HAVE been able to do and most likely would not have done had the world not gotten sick...

Having weekly video "read to me" sessions with my youngest granddaughter (she does the reading).

Having regular video call sessions with each of my children.

Being able to watch my oldest granddaughter perform on her piccolo in a virtual orchestra concert.

Preparing lessons and doing video conferences for and with my students.

Look forward to the rescheduled Vermont retreat date of 2021 and keep in touch with those I will see next year.

Attend virtual church services.

Learned how to re-adhere two wall tiles on my shower room wall.

Apply spray-on, wash out root touch up!

Volunteered to sew 45 laundry bags for NHS staff at the nearby hospital.

Applaud the NHS every Thursday night from my street with the rest of the country!

Wash my hands so often that I need hand cream to keep them from drying out.

Go for at least a 2 mile evening "mental health walk".

Focus and taking ownership of my health so that my immune system is as strong as possible to keep me well!

To me this is a lesson in PERSPECTIVE! It has now been 10 weeks at least of this! We are ALL in this situation, it is how we choose to look at it and how we react to it! This is NOT the time to take health lightly! It is NOT the time to continue to make excuses and let more time rob health; mental AND physical!

It IS the time to heed the facts that people with compromised immune systems are the ones that are getting very sick and unfortunately dying from this current situation. This IS the time to build a healthy immune system fuelled with nutrient dense foods! This IS the time to GET SERIOUS and GET SERIOUS health results!! This situation IS one of the biggest WHYS I can think of to go ALL IN! The gloves are off.

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