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Monday, May 11, 2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

90-Day Challenge from February 16, 2020 ... www.sparkpeople.

I'm on Day 85!
Sorry, no updates... I'm waiting til Friday emoticon

It's been 12 weeks today! (since I began that challenge)
Who would have ever imagined that 90 days, or 12 weeks, or 3 months could have so many big changes!?
Since March 13th, with 3 brief exceptions, I've remained at home!
I'm into the 9th week of doing medical appointments via phone calls & video conferences;
of sending one of my daughters out to shop for my groceries & other essentials;
of only visiting with friends via phone calls, text messaging, or video calls;
of only waving at my neighbors (the few who get out at all);
of relying on various delivery services for a plethora of things I once went and bought for myself.

The exact dates vary in states and counties all over our country! All over the world even!
But the general idea is the same --- FLATTEN THE CURVE of the Corona Virus that began to spread quickly around the world in the last weeks of 2019.

How are we doing with that? (No answer needed)

At first it didn't seem to affect my day-to-day activities.
As time passed, something was changing.

One by one my 3 daughters (that live near or with me) stopped working & began to stay home too.
We are all on different but unique food plans due to our individual health issues & as time passed it became harder and harder to find a lot of those special foods.
We've had to learn to do without, or to attempt homemade versions, IF we could find the ingredients.
The longer there was no work... no school... so no job or class to get to by a certain time; the more our day-to-day schedules, routines, and so forth began to disintegrate.
We all had days we needed more sleep.
We all had days we felt no hunger, or days we were always nibbling.
We all had days we struggled to do something productive.
We each felt days blurring into nights and seemingly out of nowhere we slept during the day and stayed awake during the night.
There are times it takes great effort to know what day of the week it is.

SparkPeople has helped me stay sane on some of these days. When I pull up my Start Page it reminds me what day of the week it is and the date, too! emoticon
Sometimes I review my Nutrition Tracker and realize, 'yeah, I only ate that one time yesterday' or 'OK, I did eat enough that other day.'
Having a Fitness Tracker helps me to keep moving so I have something to log into it! emoticon
Even tracking Other stuff here reminds me that there are some routines that I am still holding onto, as hard as it gets some days now. emoticon

I'm not a fan of this 'lockdown' or 'safer at home' plan that the powers that be have put into place. I get the reasons - sort of. I've come to the conclusion that whatever all the media has put out there means very little until something directly impacts my situation. Like the many days or weeks of reports saying everyone will get $1200, or most people will get $1200, or a lot of people won't get $1200. Like the many days & weeks related to people getting unemployment checks or not getting them, or getting extra $$ in those checks. I was hearing of people I know getting money weeks before anyone in my family got anything.
Even the whole 'stay at home' thing is all over the place in the media - it's on, it's off, it's 2 weeks, it's 4 weeks, a month, more... and so on. So I've stopped listening to any news on any media.
I look for info directly on government sites. So far that's given me the best info.
But it sure gets complicated and confusing when different government websites say stuff about the same issues but they are not stating the same numbers. Does anyone really know what's going on? (you don't have to answer that either)

Some days the confusion and loss of routines & schedules make it easy for us to do the things we once found difficult because we didn't have the time.
Some days all that does is make it easier to do nothing - there's no rush to finish it by a given time, so we can do it 'anytime' which may, all too easily, be 'no time' even for things we feel we really must do.
Some days we will do better, having made a schedule the night before, and striving to stick to it even if only for our own well-being.
Some days are like our dream days - where we do all we set out to do, we exercise, we eat right, we get some productive things done, we feel good about the day at the end when we're getting ready to sleep.

One thing, for us, that all days have in common now, is the desire we have for this 'stay at home' thing to end.
Maybe it can end without everything going back to how it was before.
I think we're all fine with wearing masks in crowds or public places.
I think we're fine with being able to do business with some restrictions on the number of people in a place at a given time.
I think we're fine with keeping gatherings on the lower side as much as possible.

These days...
...I am very grateful for SparkPeople!

...I am grateful we're healthy; although I have a cousin battling this virus now & a son-in-law whose co-worker has just been confirmed to have this virus too (but neither live near me).

...I am grateful in knowing so many loving & caring people!

Let's all be safe! (in whatever way that is for you)

Let's all pray for this to end soon!

Til next time (maybe Friday),

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