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Steep Learning Curves!

Friday, May 08, 2020

I've always been fairly up-to-date with technology - being one of those who began with giant, cumbersome word-processors at work in the 1980s - and the computers which filled entire floors of the university!

I got a smart phone 18 months ago - after resisting for quite a while! And it's become my constant companion.

I have a PC that doesn't have a microphone or camera.
I have an Amazon Fire tablet that has a camera, but not a microphone
I have a smartphone which has a camera and microphone, but a small screen

So recently, I've got past the hang of What's App - and stopped shouting "Can You Hear Me?!" on video calls?! Showing my age!
I enjoy sharing photos, videos, gifs and emoticons - I've even ventured into stickers!

And I've made videos for my grandson with me reading a story - so nice to be able to do that.

I've had fun seeing myself with a space helmet on in Duo - though not used that much; it doesn't seem to be popular with the people I communicate with - but I've messed about with it.

And I'm learning how to use Zoom - and realising that when some people are on a PC, some on a laptop, and some on a phone, we've all got a different set-up!

This weekend I signed up for an on-line wellness weekend. I've missed out on today's activities because I didn't read the bit where it said we needed to sign up 24 hrs beforehand. But I had a go at registering for the talks and events on Saturday and Sunday. On my smartphone, the links didn't work (but I have zoom on my phone........ so what to do?)

I had to go to my PC to open the email, and click the links which registered me for each speaker. Then the emails appeared on my smartphone, so I can click the links from there and it should open up on zoom. I decided not to even try the exercise sessions as it'd be too difficult on the phone, but the talks should be OK.


A pretty steep learning curve - no wonder I've been feeling tired! It's good to be able to connect like this, but being constantly connected is tiring.

PS I'm still very glad I can touch-type!

PPS I've forgotten all about Skype......that seems to have gone out of fashion
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