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Thursday, May 07, 2020

Well, I am simply ashamed of how much weight I've gained since BLC42 ended just a few short weeks ago, but it is what it is and time to fix it!

Time for a new round of BLC and the focus is all about self-care. something I am not very wise about!

S= Shrinking! I want to lose at least 6 pounds this round by tracking my food, doing my workouts, drinking my water and making healthy food choices instead of the junk I am eating! I Specifically want to focus on the goal of losing weight and not lose my mind in am I getting stronger, am I able to exercise this long, am I able to....?!! One thing and one thing only.... Lose that 6 pounds and more if it so happens!

M= I can measure my success by weighing in once a week, seeing how my clothes are fitting better, experiencing my energy level rise!

A= Achievable. I've lost these 6 pounds over and over again. I know i can lose 6 pounds in the 12 weeks. A half a pound a week is achievable.

R= Realistic, Reachable, Real.... I know I cannot lose weight the way I wish I could. I'd like to blink and the weight be gone like it seemed to have appeared. I know it will take work and it will take discipline. I'm keeping it real.

T=time: timely, time limited, etc. I think this is a 12 week round, so I have those 12 weeks to do all the work it takes to lose that weight!

I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of keeping my workouts moderate. At my age we make less estrogen and estrogen helps our bodies recover from hard workouts, so with less estrogen we don't need to work out as hard as we used to. Strenuous workouts equal our bodies interpreting it as stress and therefore holding onto fat because for some odd reason our bodies always think we might starve them! Life is always stressful enough without putting more on it than it can handle! I also need to have a daily calorie deficit, but not only a deficit, but a healthier food list than i've had lately. I know for me quality is more important than quantity. I also need to remind myself of all of this each and every day, so yeah.... Good thing the admin of BLC42 like for us to do a blog like this!

Thanks for your time!
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