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Consistency In Action

Thursday, May 07, 2020

It’s not what we do once in a while, It’s what we do consistently. Its not what our intentions are, Its the plan of action we put in place. Its not what we know, its what we do.

Much too long since my last blog. To my defense I did try to cut my thumb off, trip to emergency room 10 days ago from a broken candle jar. 4 stitches damaged nerve and tendon, still partially numb, but thankfully some of feeling is coming back, feel like typing again, it is healing, going to take time. Otherwise I'm doing very well! Its been 29 day in row tracking food accurately!! By far the most significant development for my plan of action and developing consistency.

The first 23 days tracking everything with no regards to intake to determine my actual intake with my sloppy eating habits at the 325 to 345 weight range I have been accustomed to past two years. Started out day 1 at 338 and still at 338 after day 23, success!! Exactly the data I needed, averaging little over 4500 daily intake while relatively inactive 9500 daily step average. So very happy to know my metabolism is working just fine at very inactive period to my standards. Most important part is tracking the food intake very accurately, everything!

Day 24 through tomorrow added the simple goal of tracking under 4000 intake every day along with tracking food intake 100% accurate. As expected I have seen a small response in weight loss. No more cheating my food intake like I have been accustomed too since day one of this blog. I know whenever I track food in the past I at least underestimate true intake at least by 10%, could be closer to 15%. That number now is closer to underestimating by less than 5% but not likely I overestimate food intake ever. Typical 3000 intake day 2 years ago most likely closer to 3300-3500. With new tracking standards in place that 3000 day tracking is no more than 3100. Its a big difference, but the more accurately I get the true understanding of my average daily intake and response to weight the better.

Day 31 starts Friday which will start phase three of Consistency in Action. Maintain the tracking of food accurately every day and add the simple goal adjustment of intake from no more than 4000 the past 7 days to no more than 3700 the next 7 days. Three simple goals, starting with the easiest, 1- Keeping the no added sweetness non negotiable as its been past 7 plus years. 2- Track under 3700 intake as if its non negotiable. 3- the hardest one, Continue tracking all food 100 accurate days 31-37. Which is getting much much easier and has to stay non negotiable like no added sweetness short term at least the next 350 days for plan of consistency stays in action. At the level needed to keep on extending progress, goals and momentum to eventually reach end goal. Avoiding the pitfalls of stabilized plateaus.

If I fail and days it will fail. it has to be failure of going over my daily intake goals. No matter how bad of eating day I have, I have to track my food intake 100% accurately those super high intake days. Tracking bad eating days is something I have never done in the past because they essentially transform into much worse unknown free eating days. When mixing an occasional unknown free eating days with many good tracking days underestimating actual intake by 10-15% leads to long term consistent plateaus.

The most important part of tracking every single day is to figure out my calorie burn which I no longer have no idea what it is. Two new hips, twice as active as I ever used to be with a still very large 6'5 330 lb body. No doubt burning more than I ever did very active days when I was at 550. And even then at 550, I was still much more more active than a normal person. I realize now and not kidding when I say I believe at least half my high active days over 500 were also over 10,000 intake days. I doubt I had very few under 6000, low activity intake days while over 500 unless It was during one of my temporary 30 plus failed weight loss attempts. I have absolutely no idea what my calorie burn is during extreme active periods at 550 or my even more active 335 today Its been so frustrating past two years as I get on a good tracking intake streak of a few days then blows up during a extreme active period. It becomes untrackable mentally when intake exceeds intake goals by a significant margins, sometimes by 3-4 thousand. I don't honestly know because like I mentioned they transform into those free for all eating days with just the non negotiable no added sweetness in place. If that non negotiable was not in place as its been the past 7 plus years I would already be back over 500. Back to talking about the Extreme work weeks. I feel I struggle by far the most when my calorie burn is the greatest. I have not idea how much I am burning and where intake limits should be, get frustrated and make poor choices once a tracking day becomes overwhelmed. Then becomes even worse then it transforms into the evil unknown free eating day. Tracking food consistency has not happened this transformation for over 2 years which has corresponded with the same timeline when I became much more active from hip replacements.

There is other phases planned as we go into the summer. Mostly adjusting intake downward to as low as 3200 for up to very active days. Will incorporate intermediate fasting 12+ hours days they work well & get back to occasional 24 hour fast on a rainy inactive day. As far as the extreme active days, maybe 20-30 later this year. Has to be at least a hard 1000 bale throw day or 10 mile hike, 1000 plus elevation gain day. Those days will now be tracked 100% accurate with no intake limits here in 2020. Keeping a separate tally of data on my spreadsheet for extreme active days. No more frustration, beating myself up days that become thoughtless free for all eating days. Instead I will be very much aware of intake, have a much better approach and understanding. Keeping the high intake levels to the same level of standards of clean eating allowing me to get accurate data that is needed not just for loosing weight to goal but also data that will be useful during weight maintenance. Going into summer of 2021 I will have good understanding what intake level goals to shoot for during extreme active days. Eventually I will have intake goals by 4-5 different types of days and will lead to the consistency that is need to reach goal weight. Whats important for me to understand is I am far from normal of the typical standard guidelines of nutrition. Never have, never will be.

So I am doing exactly what is needed. For first time in over two years have a plan in action that is bringing consistency. Longer I track accurately, more consistent, consistency becomes, the better I am informed and aware of my eating habits. Which leads to making much better choices with my nutrition here on day 29 than when I started out on day 1.

No consistency is comparing to intentions as consistency is comparing to plan of action. No consistency or intentions is comparable to same as what we know. Consistency or plan of action is comparable two what we do with what we know. If you think of it in context to my own transformation. I am lucky in that I know exactly what I need to do to reach goal weight. Known this for at least 4-5 years now. That part has been crystal clear. But realistically had zero chance of actually happening until now. Which is why these past 29 days is so significant at this point in my transformation. Very much caught in between a very good place far away from the over 500 person I was over 7 years ago and end goal. Thanks to the non negotiable no added sweetness plan of action that's been constantly in place.

Picked up some really great new eating habits, nutritional choices I am excited about look forward to sharing and blogging about much more often than I have been blogging the past few months. Its 335 pounds today, just like it was this time last year or in August of 2018. But its a huge difference today with the plan in action in place today that has been lacking for a long time. If your still reading, thank you for putting up with this incredible long blog of me talking about tracking food accurately. Thanks you for your support!
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    99 days ago
    99 days ago
  • no profile photo SEANAANDERSON
    "It’s not what we do once in a while, It’s what we do consistently. Its not what our intentions are, Its the plan of action we put in place. Its not what we know, its what we do." Those.... Powerful perspectives, Jon!
    You're putting these perspectives into action. It's a remarkable and beautiful thing to witness. The enthusiasm for your daily practice is showing!!!! Well done, sir.
    99 days ago
    What an inspiration you are - terrific blog thanks for sharing emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    99 days ago
    Whew! I feel as if I've just come out of an all-day workshop, "Success: Tracking and Consistency." You have put in a lot of research to figure out what works for you in your own "experiment of one" and you certainly have the discipline to follow through. I would say it's a victory that when you do veer off your program and eat significantly over your target calories, you are still able to adhere to that guideline -- now ingrained in your brain and body, it seems -- of no added sugar. I've come to accept longer (and yes, frustrating) plateaus as a good thing, and good practice for maintenance.
    99 days ago
    99 days ago
    Wow! Great wisdom. Consistency is for sure something that has been key for me. You have a good plan and I know you'll have success.

    Hugs to you (and your family!)
    100 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Feels good to have an action plan supported by personal data...carry on with your successes! emoticon
    100 days ago
    You are so right. Being honest in tracking is key. As I've gotten mite thinnest this time around the weight is starting to come off. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    100 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    Thanks for sharing
    100 days ago
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