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Monday, May 04, 2020

I sure miss hugging.

I wasn’t raised in a hugging household. There was plenty of affection and love, but in the 50’s such things were less common, saved for moments of extreme grief or—for the littlest of children.

In my twenties I met a woman who greeted everyone with a welcoming hug. She lived in the country and I was introduced to her by my husband. Her first reaction was that welcoming hug. It was both wonderful and startling to me and it made me think for awhile. I grew to love the woman and decided I wanted to be that person who welcomed people into my arms easily.

Overtime, I wasn’t the only one who started hugging more. It was happening everywhere. In some churches it was common, although I remember one reserved man who used to wear a little button that said ‘no hugging.’. He was a kind, smart and fine man and we respected his reserve.

When my son arrived there was no shortage of hugging and it remains our family ‘standard.’. In early March several branches of our family were together with lots of hugs all around every day. We all live in different parts of the country and I cannot at this moment imagine being in the room with them without sharing hugs! Not that I’ll have a chance soon anyway, but still.

It is the hardest darn thing to think of that. Meanwhile I AM grateful for my DH who is handy with hugs. I think we are doing more too, just because we can! emoticon

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