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Mask Making/Making Time for Nutrition and Exercise/Staying Safe and Sane!!

Thursday, April 09, 2020

This was my first mask. You can find the instructions on how to make them at this link

DH suggested I wear it and we spray it with Febreze, but there will be no human testing here! So I used three sheets of paper towel and two really close sprays of Frebreze:

I called it the Febreze/Sneeze Test, LOL! The only thing that made it through was some on my finger above the mask and some where the mask had curled up below the mask, nothing made it through the mask. In fact, the inside of the mask, the inner cotton layer, was dry and stayed dry for at least two minutes; where as the outside of the mask was soaked! Really cool that the mask works that well!

But I won't bore you with more details about the masks I'm making, I'm not making as many as I would like, I've run out of elastic and the ones I'm making with the cotton ribbon-like stuff takes longer to make. I'm hoping my order from one of the hobby stores makes it here soon. It will have what elastic I could order at the time in it. I'll have to make do.

I have been so immersed in masks and trying to take care of other people, I have let my house slide (I was doing so good before too!) and myself slide (self-care is important!) and I've stopped decluttering. I've got to get back into my routine. I had a day set aside to spend crafting with the kids doing beading and drawing and painting, but found out a cousin was afraid to leave her house because they didn't have masks or gloves so I spend the day searching for my cleaning latex gloves (they are kinda like the ones that doctors use) and making masks for her and her boyfriend. I did get the girls some masks and have them go in the car with me for a change of scenery. My kids have hand sanitizer that smells good that I bought them for school, so they went into the UPS store with me. Then we got some ice cream. Just for fun. But today after I make masks for the pastor and his wife, I'm going to clean up the office/craft room so we can do just that, bead, color, paint, whatever they feel like doing. I'll have time to make masks later in the day. Or tomorrow. And I'm going to stick to my routine. I'm going to clean and declutter and then we'll have our set aside time to just relax and craft.

So, my nutrition has not been so great either. I've been so caught up that I have not been eating on time and by the time I realize I'm hungry, I want something easy, quick and NOW! So, I'm setting alarms on my phone to remind me when to eat. I'm having my frappuccino shake for breakfast, YUM! To me, now that I'm detoxing from sugar altogether, it tastes just as good as a frap, and I love it! It may not be as smooth, but I'm hoping I can get one of those really good blenders for my birthday that will do ice really good. My second shake is either a prepackaged shake with some veggies on the side, or my chocolate shake. I was reading that espresso powder actually accentuates the chocolate flavor (after reading that I'm not actually supposed to be eating berries, which is what I've been putting in it to thicken it and make it cold...). So I'm going to add a scoop of espresso powder that I bought online and add some ice and see how that turns out for lunch today. I hope it works. On its own the chocolate shake is not so great, and I don't really like it. With the strawberries and bananas it is pretty good. Or with peanut butter and banana, but I can't eat as much of it that way. Then dinner is a protein and a veg. Sometimes an easy to digest starch, but I need to start finding ways to get in fiber more too!. But a lot of the veggies I've been eating cause gas, and I I read that I'm supposed to stay away from them as they are not good for my stomach pouch. So many rules to remember and I keep forgetting them! It's like, I know I knew this about the veggies and fruits at one time, when did I forget?

I talked to my therapist on Monday, and she suggested that instead of "eating a live frog first thing in the morning" (Mark Twain, meaning do your most difficult task first thing in the morning) as suggested by my favorite author, since I am a procrastinator, I should do something I enjoy first, such as writing a blog as I'm doing, or sewing or whatnot, and then get to my chore. Rinse, repeat, LOL. So, do some things I don't necessarily enjoy doing (though I did enjoy the decluttering and rediscovering my bakeware!!) and then do something fun for a break, then get back to chores. Don't' take too long on the fun stuff and over do it. And then end my day on something fun and relaxing. I think that is going to be my paint by numbers. The sewing, though I love it, has some pressure to it to get it done, and uses a lot of ingenuity in some cases to come up with ways around not having everything I need and making things up on the fly. Paint by numbers is relaxing, repetitive, and soothing, I think just the perfect thing to wind me down for the night and help keep me sane in my fast paced at home life. I didn't expect such a rush on face masks! But, while I'm trying to take care of other people, I have to remember to take care of myself too. So this will be my new routine for now, I'm not going to write it up just yet, I'm going to see how things flow. I have a morning and evening yoga DVD from the library and since I can't return anything to the library, I'm going to try to start doing them in my office in the morning and evening. Why not? I'm so stiff on my right side it isn't even funny, maybe it will help loosen me up a bit.

Ah, now to go get my kiddos up and have a "morning meeting" (gotta think of a better, less formal name for that) and see how our day is going to flow. Got to go to UPS again today to send off some more masks, I've got masks ready for MIL and FIL and going to finish masks for pastor and his wife before 1 so they can come get them if they want to. I've been writing little letters to go with each set I sent out on care and instructions.

And I just thought of a place I might have some more elastic!! Now I have to go look there first!!

Hope you have a safe and healthy day!!


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