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The Daily Dishtowel - 3

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The neighbor and I have changed our daily walks to morning. First, the weather seems to be drier in the mornings but often cloudy (that is, raining or about to) by early afternoon. Second, already the heat / humidity can be felt on the rise. That peaks by early-to-mid afternoon, of course, so we're hoping we've made a preemptive strike by getting into a morning routine.

Seven years ago this month Himself and I took our best holiday ever, traveling through six different southern states. The photos keep popping up on Google's "On This Day" and on FB's "Remember" and even over on One Drive. Seven years seems like the longest time, yet in other ways it seems like yesterday...

Well, I'm not going down that road today. There's a pan of soup on the stove, parsnip-apple. I know, it may be an acquired taste; I didn't discover it myself until after I moved here. But I make a darned good one, if I do say so myself. I still can't get flour - shades of WWII rationing! - or I'd have made some bread to go with, but I can do without the carbs, so no matter.

In the "Hope Springs Eternal" category: I have no grand views from my flat. We chose this one for its convenience and security, so it happens to overlook the parking lot and the backs of a row of houses on the next street over. Because I'm up on the third floor I can see down into some of the backyards. The guy almost directly across from me is building a garden shed. If that doesn't speak to planning for the future, what would?

Carpe diem, people. Sumer is icumen in - or at least, springtime.
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