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The C.D.C. reverses course and practice gratitude

Sunday, April 05, 2020

There are several ambulances on the dock and several police officers. To me that signals there is another death now, which is why there is a police presence. I felt a little unglued when I saw this.

Right now the Brits are disembarking, I think there are about 400 of them.

The captain’s announced a few minutes ago that authorities want a change to flight plans. Some of those that were to leave today are continuing to make there way off the ship and others will be returned from the airport. I like that the Princess Cruises is humane and doesn't abandon those people at the airport. Because ALL passengers are self isolating in their staterooms, they will not be mingling and possibly passing on the virus, unlike last time passengers returned from an airport.

Sadly last night another passenger passed away. This was not announced by the captain but spread on balcony conversation.
CDC update nyti.ms/2JIHlWU

The C.D.C. reverses course on how to get cruise ship passengers back home.

If you saw the picture it shows people on the ship and says they are passengers. No they are the crew.

After weeks of allowing cruise ship passengers who were exposed to the coronavirus but had no symptoms to travel home on commercial flights with nothing more than a temperature check, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed course on Sunday.

Cruise companies will now have to charter flights to return passengers to their home cities, the agency said.

The move came just as Carnival Corporation was set to disembark about 1,000 passengers off the Coral Princess, which docked in Miami on Saturday. Two people died on the ship, and at least seven passengers and five crew members tested positive for Covid-19. Another passenger died on Saturday awaiting an ambulance, The Miami Herald reported.

Early in the crisis, cruise passengers were quarantined on military bases. In March, Carnival cruise line evacuated several hundred Americans and Canadians off the Costa Luminosa in a chartered flight from France to Atlanta, and the C.D.C. let them all travel to their home cities on commercial flights. Many got sick, and at least one person died.

As recently as last week, when two more infected Carnival ships arrived in Florida, the C.D.C. insisted that its protocol was to ensure that the passengers who did not have a fever should wear a mask, fly home and self-isolate for 14 days.

Now cruise companies have to arrange charters or private drivers. They may not use any public transportation or scheduled flights. The new guidance from the C.D.C. suggested the cruise lines would have to charter separate flights for people who have symptoms and those who do not.

Asked why the C.D.C. made the change, an agency spokeswoman said, “As community spread has increased over time, our recommendations have changed to reflect that.”

“In addition, our recommendations aim to keep people safe and healthy from the boat to their home for quarantine,” Kristen Nordlund, the spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

Roger Frizzell, a spokesman for Carnival Cruises, said the new protocol would present an enormous challenge.

“If this protocol holds,” Mr. Frizzell said, “it is going to be a very difficult task.”
My Gratitudes

1) I am glad that Princess moved us into a 300 square foot balcony suite
2) I like my roommate
3) Princess added more movies and TV shows
4) I am grateful for the support of our family and friends
5) I know Princess is working hard to get us home. The only one that wants us off this ship more than me is Princess!

I wish everyone stranded far from home, can have peace of mind, as they wait for their chance to go home.
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