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Mass chaos because a coon enjoys my bread!

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Friday, April 03, 2020

This was taken a year ago ---about this time of year--Our daughter with Himself and I and her 2 children --

This A.M. we had "a happening"-----
It all began a few days ago when I decided to make bread ---which turned out to be awful--
-but, I thought we could still eat it ---
"Put it in the garbage", Himself told me.

However, knowing all the work that went into this chore, I decided to break up a couple loaves and put them in the bird feeder---It really was my daughter's suggestion!
But you see, I had made 4 terrible awful heavy loaves---
They would not all fit into the bird feeder---

So, because I didn't want to waste any, I broke up the last 2 loaves, and spread them over the deck--
Well, this morning, Beau and Tess , the 2 Germans, as in dogs, began to bark viciously at the patio door ---and not only that, they were jumping at the patio doors--
-and not only that, Himself , who does not really like anything out of the ordinary to happen, had a broom and was shouting at me, over the vicious barking!
"I told you to throw it out--not throw it outside"---Himself was shouting-- and there was mass chaos---

This is what they saw---- what 2 German Shepherds plus a grown man was upset about--
-only it was on the deck when all this began---
It was a coon----- justa wee little not full grown coon--- probably very hungry after the winter--

So, the coon really liked my bread----
"Well, at least someone liked my bread" I told Himself, who was and is, still ranting about "feeding some crazy animal,"----
"Oh for goodness sake!" is all I could say--"It is justa little coon!"
-And this is how our day began----
Lord love a Duck!
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