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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The credit for my blog goes to my fellow leader Patricia-cr on the AWESOME A team a part of the 5% Challenge. **

The 5% Challenge invites will be going out very shortly to all teams, so those of us as leaders have been busy setting up our 12 teams. In doing so today I had sent out an email to the other leaders on the Awesome A team, asking if she should add in a few questions in getting to know our members more. Those few questions are to see how our members are dealing with the corona virus.

Patricia like many are wanting no reminders of it, and hey lets face it's ALL OVER the NEWS like snow on a mountain in January in the northern areas!! There's NO escaping it.

We are still talking it over if we'll ask these questions, make them optional, or not ask them. To our Awesome A members, you'll see what we've decided as you fill out your "Please introduce Yourself - questionnaire".

But it made me pause as I talking about what a member has gone thru and where it is I am at.

At first I was so overwhelmed by not working (at the time we thought 2 weeks,now it's 6 weeks, and may be the rest of the school year) and money wise, how would I do? Money wise I now know I'll be paid for March and April. If this goes on thru the rest of the school year, I highly doubt I will (I am a foster grandmother in a 2nd grade class. I do 3 full days and 2 half days. I LOVE this work!! A lot of one on one with kids who struggle, who excel and yes, all those in between. There are 19 kids in the class. Giggle Giggle 13 of them are boys! I MISS the kids, and the teacher)/. I've sat down and written out my budget and I am fine if we do not go back money wise. I WILL though miss and worry about the kids. I can't imagine some of them, how this will affect their education for life.

With that all being going thru my mind, I've adjusted and now instead of all the negative stuff (NO need to restate them, we've all see/heard them!) but instead now I look at the kindness going around my own community and others.

The other day a friend of mine, a neighbor had taken shopping. They are both elderly. One needed toilet paper, of course the store had none. As she stood there a gentleman came up to her "Do you need toilet paper?" She answered "yes, but there's none to be found no matter where I look. This is my 3rd place." She uses a walker, is 87 and she was feeling horrible and starting to shake. It had been to much on her. He told her "Come on outside, I have packages I can give to the elderly and those who are disabled." An organization has asked him and others (he didn't say which one) to hand out a package to these ones. They both were given (neighbor helping her) a package that had 24 package of Toilet Paper AND a 24 pack of Paper towels AND PURREL!!

This is NOT a rare story. Where I live since many travel by bus etc here (we are a 55 plus community,, high rise in a city in Maine, so many do not have cars) we have a large sign up area. It says "Do you need something? A ride? Toilet Paper? Bread? Anything at all?" They just put under it what they need/ their name along with their unit number. MANY of us check this several times a day. If we can help them out, we DO. Most of us of course at no cost. The bartering system is in!! LOL That's just funny how it works. Depends on the 2 people.

So YES there ARE good positive things to see/hear.

Did you know if you put into your search bar "Good things happening in the news" you'll see various links? I look for the ones that do NOT have the regular news, with maybe a few things of positives in it. This way I see ONLY the good things going on. It lifts my heart!!

Here's one of those sites:


Among my many friends, we've been taking care of each other and my family too. Though only 1 brother wanted peanut butter he could not find. I knew our store had some so I texted him. But, his post was 8 hours old, and others had already given him MANY jars. LOL he's dancing!!

These are the things that LIFT UP THE HEART. Please share what you have heard, done, etc, the beautiful side of others.

** the 5% Challenge is currently open and accepting new and returning members. Want to be healthier? Have FUN? Be and give support to others to be healthy?

Here's the description of the 5% Challenge:
Race to Fascinating Places - 8 Weeks this spring. Join a supportive team and let's have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, make new friends and improve our health! Starting Saturday, April 4th

Here;s the link so you can join us!!

I've 118 lbs thanks to the guidance of the 5% Challenge!


for coming to my blog!!! GREATLY appreciated.
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