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Freezer-Burned Meat

Thursday, March 26, 2020

One of Naypooie's suggestions on my post a few days ago was to go ahead and eat freezer-burned meat, but stew it so it gets tender. Freezer-burn can make meat leathery. Another suggestion, on the team I'm on, is to marinate the meat overnight, then slice it thin, and use a meat hammer to pound it really well (which tenderizes it), and then use it in stir-fry.

I googled the subject, and found this thread at Thriftyfun.com. One of the responses says to slather the frozen meat well with Cool-Whip, covering the top, bottom, and sides, and let it defrost in the Cool-Whip marinade. That's supposed to take away the "off" taste. I have no idea whether that actually works. Here's the link. thriftyfun.com/How-to-Co

There are lots of other articles online about cooking freezer burned meats. Check them out before you decide to just toss the meat. And if you do decide to toss it, feed it to your dog or cat instead of the garbage can. Assuming it was frozen before the use-by date and has never been thawed - not even once! - it's perfectly safe.
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