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not just jokes day 25

Monday, March 23, 2020

Ok. I haven't commented much on life here lately as I haven't been doing much positive or in other words, I have been overeating and not exercising. Here is an update on the last couple of weeks that I recently shared with my family followed by a pun from Joke Book that hopefully will give a smile.

Hope all is well. Overall I guess we're OK but more on that later. Older son gets an hour with his phone over the weekend (in Army Basic medical) and so calls me some. We don't seem to talk very long and I often feel that I end up talking more than he does. I wish he'd write to us as I have two problems with the calls. One I'm old and often seem to have CRS (Can't Remember Sh!t) very quickly after I hang up. The other problem is I have some trouble understanding him which might be my hearing, the telephone or that he isn't talking up as plainly as he could. They have not decided to give him a MRI at this time and decided that the problem is tightness in his hips not torn ligament in knee that is causing the knee problem so have him doing stretches but he said it isn't helping. He says he is in a lot of pain. He sounds depressed to me but who wouldn't be? The camp is in lock-down as nobody is to go in or out. No cases of virus on base or in the town reported. You know the only problem with that is not everyone gets tested even if sick but I guess we are all dealing with that issue. That is about all I can remember from son's call.

Younger son had official Spring Break the week of the 9th but on the 12th the school informed everyone that there would be no school the next week. Starting tomorrow the school is to have on-line classes. Really unclear how that is going to work but teachers are to contact students this coming week and there is a school web-site where they are to get more info. Although some kids might be bummed out as we are sure that there will be no prom nor graduation ceremony this year, younger son really doesn't care about either that much. He was to go on an Educational Tour in June to the UK that we signed up for and paid for last year. That isn't going to happen, I'm sure, so will just have to wait and see if he goes on another Tour after this is over or maybe we will get some of our money back instead. He is mostly doing what he usually does which is stay in his room playing video games, watching YouTube and talking/texting with friends. I am just hoping that he is able to get a diploma and glad we are OK and can just stay low key until this all passes.

As for me, I know that we are to try and stay isolated but for one reason or another, I think, I have had more contact with others the last 2 weeks than normal. First of all the subdivision sent letter about our broken gate and that I needed to get fixed or pay fines. I found someone to build a new gate and fence which was badly needed. So there was the fence guy, informing my 3 neighbors about the fence and the 2 worker who did the fence. It looks really nice and haven't had any further issues with the big dog to our right breaking down boards to get in our backyard. That was done on the 7-8th but worker came back on 10th to fix a couple of small problems. I had gotten dentist appointments for son and myself a while back for the 10th and the 12th so I went to dentist office then and son only on 12th. We went to Wal-Mart on the 9th and picked up groceries but wish had gotten more now. The restaurants in Houston are all carry-out only but we have gotten some meals to bring home over the last 2 weeks. I had an appointment with my financial planner to sign some papers on 7th as trying to get a life insurance policy that is also good for some long term care if needed. On the 19th a nurse came to the house to get some blood work and tests to see if I qualify. I have been having issues with a rash for several weeks and finally went on the 10th to the CVS Minute Clinic to get that checked and am on some Prednisone to try and get rid of the problem. It is a lot better now but no idea what caused it. The bad part is since I'm not sure what is making me itch, I can't really make sure I stay away from it. So on Saturday morning, I turned on my computer only it wouldn't turn on. So a quick trip to Best Buy to get a new (cheap) computer and since son is going to have to do school on-line I got him one too. Now we decide to stop and pick-up something to eat on the way home and I can't find my credit card. I have no idea but guessing I dropped it. Luckily I did have cash so was able to pay for our food. Went back to Best Buy but they hadn't had it turned in so have canceled and a new one is on the way. Best Buy no longer is going to have customers in the store but only have curbside access to help the customers pick-up on-line orders. So that is my last couple of weeks.

After 2 weeks of gaining 7 pounds, I did manage to lose 1.6 this past week. I still am itching but kind of comes and goes and not as bad as before started meds. Gyms closed now but hadn't been going even before due to rash. Thanks for all your positive comments and concerns. Love to you all and may we all stay safe and have enough TP to last through the crisis.
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Puns are fun?

There once were identical twins--born in Greece and separated at birth--put up for adoption. One was sent off to Saudi Arabia, and he was named Amal. The other one was sent off to Spain, and he was named Juan. Many years later, their relatives arranged for a reunion. It was a big event, and everyone showed up at the airport in Greece to greet the twins. The plane from Spain landed, and off came Juan, to the delight of the crowd. Then they waited for the plane from Saudi Arabia. Soon it arrived, but Amal wasn't on it--he'd missed the plane. One relative said to the other, "Well, they are identical twins. And if you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal."
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    335 days ago
    It's amazing (at least to me) how much everything has changed in such a short time. DGD is now attending school here at home. The teachers are super and sent enough work to keep her busy and challenged, but not so much to overwhelm her. They email daily at least once and almost immediately answer any email that is sent with a question or ask for clarification. I haven't been grocery shopping since this all started. I usually keep extra because we live in the boonies. I'm sure the first trip out will be a shocker. I spent almost 2 hours tonight on the Amazon site looking for the essentials with no luck. It's been a really long day, so I'll search again tomorrow. The non-essential businesses around here are closed. Food service is take out only. We've been eating at home.

    I'm sorry to read about DS. He's had a rough time with his Army basic training. I hope all goes well for him.
    Hope the itchy rash improves with the medicine. Stress doesn't help either, I'm sure.

    Love the pun. They are my favorite.

    Take care of you. Stay healthy. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    349 days ago
    My itchy skin came from a change in my laundry detergent. Calamine really helps stop the itch.
    349 days ago
    (((HUGS)))) So sorry. It is just very tough. HOpe your older DS feels better. *SIGH*
    349 days ago
    Haha very good emoticon
    349 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Nice joke. Have a great conversation with your son.
    349 days ago
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