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In Times of CAN'T DO--What I CAN Do

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Monday, March 23, 2020

I'm feeling like a pig in sunshine because I am looking at the positives instead of the negatives. I learned long ago how to be content in times when things are not going well and bide my time until the storm passes. It is all too easy to get uneasy and not use the resources I have.

When a big storm comes along, and we head for cover, it is easy to get trapped into thinking, "Can't do this; can't do that." Can't go any where. Can't do anything. If we stay in that cycle, we can end up in a world of fear and self-pity.

In 1968 when expecting my second baby, the Asian flu went around. It was horrific. I was so sick I became delirious and my temp spiked to 104--could not eat or drink anything, nothing stayed down and had the mother of all migraines. Living out in the sticks then with only two doctors in the nearby town, I was told I must have morning sickness; hang in there and eventually it would pass. I should have been hospitalized and started on IV's for the severe dehydration etc. It wasn't until I was loaded into the back seat of the car, and driven all the way to the next state, that I was diagnosed with the Asian flu. Not morning sickness.

On that I can bask in the sunshine that I did not die, and my unborn baby--while others did. Since I got through that, there is hope this too will pass.

When I was a young girl, my mother often told me, "You can't go out and play. Just go to your room." Instead of pouting, I looked around to see what I COULD do instead of what I could NOT do. As a very young girl, I took an interest in reading, and had a voracious appetite for reading biographies about early pioneers and story of overcoming hardship. I learned something from reading those books; and did it ever help me with the hardships I would be facing through my life. I learned so much last year I wrote a book---my memoir that was recently published, "It Happened at Dawn."

I never did embrace "can't do" .. poor me--what CAN I do? Last week before the advisories for 'social distancing', I tried to get my hair cut; the salon had been open the day before, but now it has a sign: CLOSED. Hmmm.... have to wait for weeks to get my hair cut? I think not. Since I have cut my hair many times, and it turned out just fine, I took the scissors and gave myself a hair cut.

We are fortunate the sun has been out the last week, so we can take walks without leaving home. {Or I have plenty of videos to exercise to}.

Just today, The governor of our state declared ALL STAY HOME---so my husband is off work until we get through this. Still will keep our chin up and maintain a happy attitude!

I have also used this time to get my spring cleaning done. Yesterday the master bedroom got the full deal-cleaning-and now am about to shampoo the carpet, then move onto the other rooms. I feel with this situation going on--I CAN make good use of my time and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I could go on and on about what I do in times like these, since I have been through snow blizzards, stuck at home for days on end from being 'snowed in' but I think you get the drift---no pun intended.

I am in no way undermining the virus. It is what it is and it will pass. Storms always do. And this is not the first time in history social distancing began. It did in 1918 with a pandemic virus and in time it ran it's course.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day and stay well!
P.S. I think the biggest act of kindness we can do for our friends and neighbors--close and afar is to allow each other our space for now. It will not last forever.
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