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Saturday, March 21, 2020

MAMADEE's BLOG ~ SP DAY 5083 & 5084

Worry LESS. Dance MORE.

Words we all need today, right?

As I started this blog it was nearly midnight on the 20th, so I know before I'm done here it will be early on the 21st, thus my putting two SP Days at the top. emoticon

My how the world changes in just a week! And what a week that was to begin with!
Starting with the time change to Daylight Saving(s) time and we all lost an hour in our day.
Then we had the Full Moon ~ and no one will argue that full moon's trigger a lot of challenging events. A lot of babies seem to come then. A lot of violence also tends to happen. I could go on, but there is far too much yet to say about that week.
Before the end of the workweek we began to see signs of change in our world-as-we-knew-it. The Corona Virus, or COVID-19, was suddenly all over all the media! By Friday, the 13th (yup that was in this week too), many of us got our first taste of limits & restrictions being put in place to slow the spread of this fast-moving disease that was killing so many people.

And now we're all deep into a FULL WEEK of government orders to STAY HOME, or even SHELTER IN PLACE, and many of us found ourselves laid off work "until this passes" or who knows? Everyone has had all the schools in their areas close their doors - sending students home with plans to finish the school year in some form of online schooling!
With all that came the rushes to stores for FOOD (have to feed those kids all day long!) ~ happily people were at least thinking somewhat healthy in their food choices:
Frozen foods - like veggies, fruits, meals, meats, pizzas, etc. were gone, but much of the treats like ice cream & pies were still there.
Fresh foods - all kinds were quickly put in carts
Cereals & Breads - most were completely gone
Same for the fresh meats, dairy, eggs... all those outside aisles we're encouraged to shop in.
What remained?
The candy aisle was still full.
The aisle with all the chips - still pretty full.
Even the cookie aisle still had most of its goodies.
So - while far too many clearly went in only thinking of themselves and their families & not leaving enough so everyone could get something... at least they were making wiser choices than usual in what to hoard.
The one huge puzzle... what is with taking all the TP!??? emoticon

Still, what we are doing is necessary...regardless of how it has impacted our lives:

This is a good visual of why it's necessary, and why doing this self-quarantine, or social distancing, is more productive when done sooner, rather than later.
I read something earlier (I read too many things to recall which piece right now) that put it a different way. I'll preface this with a caution - it's late & memory tends to fail more at this hour so I may not have the exact numbers... but it went something like this:
Just ONE PERSON faithfully self-quarantining will, over the typical course of this virus, save 86 people from being hospitalized, 1500 people from getting the virus, and 15 people from dying. I'm not real sure anyone can really give full confidence in the accuracy of these numbers. Every country has it's own reporting system. There are definitely many people out there not getting on anyone's counts because they aren't getting sick and aren't around those who are sick. And there's probably lots more who got sick with 'something' but it never got so bad they went to the hospital, so they were never tested & never counted in someone's tally.
But just thinking of the possibility here ~~~ seeing the devastating numbers coming out of China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, and the list grows... and now all of us watching numbers climb in our own states.... the impact each one of us makes in staying home... just think about it!!!

Til next time,

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