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Bored and worried

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Here in WV we still have no positive tests. But I know darn good and well it is here somewhere. Just worried about the whole thing. I am just wondering how everyone else is doing and dealing with this.

Our schools have been closed. Our Walmarts have cut hours. Everyone is afraid. Our church had service but We did not go. Not risking it right now, my husband and I both have too many health issues.

Again, just wondering how everyone else is handling this in the USA and other countires
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  • LINDA!
    We have quite a lot of cases, here in Ohio. We are just being very careful and praying. Hubby and I are not seeing our kids or grandchildren. We have too many health problems.
    47 days ago
    In SC the schools are closed, restaurants are only allowed take-out, drive-thru, and delivery business. Grocery store shelves are wiped out of almost everything. But I do my shopping on Fridays, so maybe I just happened to go before the restocking was done? One positive case in my county, hospitalized, with 2 more "under investigation" hospitalized and waiting for the test results to come back. One positive case in the town where I work. I don't know if they are hospitalized or at home. So far I am still working, but I'm torn between wanting to stay home and not wanting to lose the income or make the business suffer. I work for my brother, and it's just me, him, and one other employee. My mom is a nurse and works at the local hospital, so I'm concerned for her and my dad, who is diabetic; they're both in their mid-60s.
    73 days ago
    Stay safe but don’t worry.
    77 days ago
    Avoid crowds. Wash hands. DO NOT PANIC
    77 days ago
    Be careful and stay safe this will pass hopefully sooner than later.
    77 days ago
    Here in Ohio, except for gas stations, grocery stores and hospitals, we are closed down. We can get food from restaurants, but only carry out. I am not afraid. I'm just trusting God to carry us through.
    78 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Yes, here in Ohio schools, colleges, restaurants, bars, etc. are closed. It is a very tough time. I feel sad for those losing wages at this time. Even unemployment, that they may apply for, does not pay 100% Our economy is suffering.
    78 days ago
    We are hunkered down. No unnecessary travel, no unnecessary trips to town, limiting our exposure. We are stocked up.
    78 days ago
    visiting Florida ( our kids still lives there) we are supposed to go back to Spain on the 20th. Hope the plane will fly over there,we need to go home.If we get there , a lot of restrictions ,only go out one by one to grocery, pharmacy ,etc only for what is necessary.Travel restrictions.All gathering places closed.

    (why do we want to go home)LOL.
    78 days ago
    We're in Central FL where the theme parks are all closed and the shelves are bare in a lot of stores esp with paper supplies and water. The latter I just don't get. TURN ON YOUR TAP!

    We're both in the "senior" category and I'm over 70 so I am more at risk with my DIL bringing her young niece and nephew over to visit us. They brighten our day but they are little germ magnets so they may end up darkening MY day. emoticon

    My family is in WV and so far are enjoying being in a virus- free area. It won't be long, tho.

    Stay safe and remember to wash your hands esp after handling your money or credit cards in stores. Remember that the cashier has touched many, many cards and money and is NOT sanitizing after.
    78 days ago
    Wash hands and stay 6 ft away from people!
    78 days ago
    Not panicking...…………..staying home...…………...taking necessary precautions...…………….catching up with activities at home that I have put off for too long now.
    78 days ago
    One day at a time. That's about all any of us can do.

    Be well. Stay safe.
    78 days ago
  • JAMER123
    We are still at our winter home in the Rio Grande Valley and we don't have any problem as of yet. But we have spring breakers here and more coming so it more than likely won't last. Went to church today and we made a plan as to what we will do when we do have some positive tests. My mom is 93 and unhealthy so I do worry about her being out and in groups. She has isolated very well for the past month but that does get difficult.
    Take each day as it comes and the big thing is wash your hands as well as keep your house clean like door handles, toilets, faucets etc.
    78 days ago
    Staying home should help keep your risks low. I have to work but I plan on washing my hands and limiting close interactions with co-workers. emoticon
    78 days ago
    People should take the same precautions they would take if they had the flu. They tell us to wash our hands for 20 seconds with hot soap and water. Cover our mouths when we cough and sneeze in a tissue and throw it in the trash. I know the situation can be a little scary but taking precautions, praying and trusting in God will get us through this. God is in change and there is a silver lining on the horizon. I put all my faith and trust in God.
    78 days ago
    stay safe, wash hands and do what you're doing by staying to yourselves as much as possible
    78 days ago
    Stay positive! Eat healthy - lots of time to cook now! Get plenty of sleep! And CRAZYDOG is right about the hand washing and staying home! Pop in some exercise videos or crank up tunes you like and dance!
    78 days ago
    Glad you are staying safe. We have no positive tests in my city yet. Hoping it stays that way. Lots of places closed here to lower chances.
    78 days ago
    Our Governor here in NC declared a State of Emergency and issued a Mandatory Executive Order of no assembling of groups of over 100. The schools are closed and hundreds of churches cancelled services. People are hoarding provisions, especially toilet paper and antibacterial products - even bars of soap. We purchased paper table napkins instead of toilet paper, as it was all gone. The stores have now begun limiting how many packages people can buy, but people go to the stores at 6 am and wait until the store opens and the supplies are bought up right away.

    I'm keeping calm by reminding myself of all the stories my mother and father told me about the Great Depression years. They both grew up on farms and were poor. They didn't have money to go to the doctor or hospital when they got sick. They got by on very little and made do with what they had. People these days will make do, also, and we will get through this.
    78 days ago
    It is a little scary but I am trying not to let it get me down.
    Just taking extra precautions concerning extra hand washing etc.
    Tomorrow is my normal grocery shopping day so I am a little anxious to see how that goes.

    Hang in there.
    78 days ago
    I started grocery shopping two weeks ago. I went to the pharmacy and refilled my prescriptions. I filled the car up and I am riding my bike to save on gas.

    I cleaned my whole house over the weekend. I am trying to keep busy so I don't worry too much.

    78 days ago
    This thing is for real but it does no good for people to start panicking.
    78 days ago
    It's difficult here at the moment. Trying to process it all and do what needs doing. Up until 2 days ago we had no known cases in our county, now we have 7, including one 10 miles from us. Schools are all closed till at least April 20. Grocery shopping is a nightmare. I'm keeping busy, only going out if necessary, and reminding myself frequently that God's in control.
    78 days ago
    Following all precautions, but concerned about the actions of those who don't!
    78 days ago
    78 days ago
    I am trying to stay positive but it is difficult with all the media screaming loudly that we are all doomed. I have tried to not listen to the news and know that I am doing all I can to protect myself - washing hands, isolating from crowds, eating healthy and praying for protection.
    78 days ago
    Using common sense. Avoiding crowds. Hand washing. Stay home if ill. Talk to you Dr. if yo're ill. Those are the things to do.
    78 days ago
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