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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I haven't posted in quite a while, not because the thought didn't occasionally strike me, but because I've been struggling against the same damned cold/flu/whatever I caught January 20th of this year. It started with a fever, lapsed into a week long sore throat, tiredness, and then settled into bronchitis, because this crud hadn't lasted long enough. It was at the bronchitis stage that my boss, under pressure with all this COVID-19 panic, asked me to work from home, which I've been doing for over the last week.

Today marks my first day back to work since early February, and I must admit, it's exhilarating and nice to get back to normal. I haven't run since February 20th, but I have been taking walks (just not the same though...my fellow runners probably understand). I have managed to keep my weight stable, 185.4 pounds today (HOORAY!), throughout this whole time, which is great news to me. (We all understand how hard it can be not to nibble constantly.)

But to be honest, so far, 2020 sucks. February definitely sucked, with my being sick the entire month and unable to do anything outside of work and home. My days were literally - go to work, go home, throw food together, watch my sibling play Witcher 3, go to bed with the occasional trip to the doctor/urgent care/pharmacy/grocery store to try to get someone, anyone to help me feel better already. The only people outside of coworkers and my sibling I saw were my parents who stopped by a couple of times. (I did still chat online with a dear dear friend, which kept me from going completely bonkers from the isolation and really made my dull weeks so much better.) I had to decline SO MANY events with friends, I felt for sure they all thought I was making it up - I mean, 30-somethings don't get so sick they are out of it for weeks and weeks and weeks! I must just be a party pooper.

So today, I am very glad to be back to work, back in a normal life. I can actually think about DOING things on the weekends other than staying in the house and staring at my cats, who are so sick of seeing me they basically shoved me out of the house this morning. I cannot wait to meet up with friends and talk about SOMETHING ANYTHING other than being sick. I've had no life for the last 6 weeks or so, so I'm ecstatic at the prospect of getting back to normal: running, meeting with friends, going places, doing things.

Happy March! Don't get sick, wash your hands and don't get sick!
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