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Keto Day 3

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Busy day at my volunteer job.  We got in a delivery of over 2,000 pounds of food, which had to be unloaded and stored in various freezers, cupboards.and available shelves. Nice to have a full variety items for the needy in our area.

I was happy to see that my energy held up, and once again I didn't experience any hunger pains or shakiness. The weird thing was walking by all the shelves of breads, desserts, granola bars and snacks and remembering that these were now off limits.  But today I brought my lunch (see below) and was very contented with it, even saved some for later once I was full.

So far, no real negatives to report... if anything my mind seems a little sharper and clearer than in the past.  But tomorrow will be a different challenge,  DH and I are late in getting our 2nd shingles shot, so we're going to get it tomorrow (assuming the pharmacist thinks it's OK).  For our first shot, DH had no real side effects, but I felt very tired and a little feverish for a day or two afterwards.  Since we have no major commitments this weekend, I think the timing is about the best we're going to get, so I'm going to go for it.  Had shingles about 8 months ago and it was no fun.

Today's meals:
  -  Breakfast:  2 pieces bacon and scrambled eggs; coffee with heavy cream

  -  Lunch:  a yummy kale salad with roast beef, avocados & bleu cheese.  I had earlier "massaged" the kale with oil, which takes away all the bitterness and actually keeps it from wilting. This time, instead of using olive oil, I used some MCT oil, which was recommended in L. Vogel's Keto Diet book as boosting ketone production.  This oil is a little milder, in my opinion, than EVOO.  Quite tasty but very expensive. Probably won't continue with this in the long run, but right now I'm game to do some experimenting.

  -  Dinner:  Grilled chicken drumsticks, steamed broccoli and a handful of baby carrots, topped by Kerrygold grass-fed butter.  Again, this is much pricier than what I normally buy, but I thought I'd give it a try since it was recommended in Vogel's book.  I was surprised when DH went back for seconds, since he's normally not much of a veggie man.

  -  Snacks:  Small cubes of pepperjack cheese wrapped in salami... that was DH's idea, and they really hit the spot!  I also did some experimenting by trying my first taste of Kimchi, which is recommended as a good probiotic.  I bought Daikon Kimchi at the health food store.  Tried a spoonful of it after dinner, since I felt I still needed a little something more.  It was surprisingly not bad at all... a little sour, a little spicy, actually left me with a good final taste in my mouth.  DH won't go near it, but I think it may be a winner.

That's all for now.  Wish me luck with the shingles shot tomorrow.   And thanks for reading this and for all your comments!
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    Wonderful that you have been volunteering at a food bank! Unloading and storing all that food would give you some good exercise! Glad that your energy held up - one never knows exactly how or bodies will react when starting a new eating regime. emoticon
    319 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    You two are doing great. Nice healthy Keto things to eat.

    On the MCT oils. They are sort of oils that are more on their way to being digested, shorter chained. When you digest fats, the fats start out long chained, mid-digestion shorter chained, then on to ketones, then burned further. So taking MCT oils will boost internal ketones, but ... but what are your goals, higher internal ketones, or loose body fat, or ...

    Your long term goal is to produce your own internal ketones, which you get from just plain digesting fat, and your body will get better at doing that in the next week or two. Consuming MCT oils is a kind of hack at increasing internal Ketones in the first two weeks of eating Keto, after which your body will very easily be producing its own ketones. Its not harmful, its just not terribly useful.

    As for kerrigold grass fed butter, or anything else organic, that is a personal choice, up to you. One of my daughters gets organic meat, eggs, ... you name it, and its very expensive. The other daughter doesn't, and I don't either. I think it could be marginally healthier to eat organic, but if I go for a walk regularly, that probably has a bigger impact on my health.
    319 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2020 9:18:55 AM
    You’re doing great!! No you don’t need MCT or keerygold. Or raos spaghetti sauce. If you can afford them and like them it’s fine—but not necessary!! Keep up the great work! Watch the carrot carbs I haven’t had one in 3 years. Do miss them!
    All good thoughts on the shots!!
    And thank you for your work helping people!!
    319 days ago
    That's a GREAT WORKOUT Joni!! WOOHOO to that!! It does look so nice when you know those who are coming in won't have to go hungry!! So strange how around the world most think the US in layered in GOLD and everyone lives in HUGE houses, with the fanciest of cars, and food GALORE. It's just not true. I know some who have come here, and they'll tell you that YES it's SO MUCH better, but it's NOT all of what they thought it would be. NO DOUBT our own ancestors thought the same.

    TY TY TY For the work you do!!

    I hope the 2nd shot isn't bad. I had no issues with either of mine. A few friends got the shingles and there's NO WAY I WANT THAT!! I had urged one a year before she got it, to get the shots. Now she wishes she'd of listened.

    WOOHOO on not being hungry.
    319 days ago
    319 days ago
    Glad to hear from you and your journey with your DH. Best wishes and good luck with the shingles shot, it's worth it. Your menu always sounds delicious emoticon Keep going, you both are doing great!
    319 days ago
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