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Do I have to???

Sunday, March 01, 2020

I will start by saying that once I begin to write, I have a difficult time stopping! But, this week one of our challenges in the 5% Challenge is to blog daily and, not wanting to let my team (Go Teddybears!) down; here I am.

One of the challenges that I particularly enjoy is the week or two that we are to write down everything that we put into our mouths. When I am tracking I always find that I am much more aware of what I eat that isn't actually necessary or on plan. Just this morning my DH asked me to not buy butter anymore for general use because he always consumes way too much. Poor dear loves the taste of butter so much that he snacks on pretzels and butter at night and it ruins his calorie plan. This week, instead of losing, he gained 3 pounds!

My downfall, fortunately, is not in the house. I seem to be addicted to Starbucks caramel fraps! It is almost like my car knows exactly where to turn to every Starbucks in town! And each trip totals a minimum of 500 calories! That is almost half of my allotment for the day! Worse yet, it is secret eating - you know, when you are alone in the car with no one to account to?

So, we have developed these little tricks to help us overcome our self-defeating desires. First, if one of us claims a particular food, then the other is not allowed to touch it. This morning I claimed the butter for the entire week! I don't have to eat it but DH absolutely cannot - accountability to our plan and our partner! Next, I have a sign it my car telling me that Starbucks is NOT on my plan and it reminds me NOT to go there. Every time I come home my DH asks me if he can be proud of me this trip! It is a gentle way to remind me.

Everything in lifestyle change begins with a plan. Everything in the plan begins with tracking what one is consuming and/or physically doing. Of course, in the end it also takes willpower to make changes and do what one has to for success. Like this blog, that I didn't want to do but became a part of my plan!
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