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Freezer Tetris

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

When I moved to Base Camp, I bought a small[ish] secondhand fridge/freezer to tide me over until I got what I really wanted which was Frank [my gorgeous large American fridge/freezer].  

I emptied the secondhand fridge/freezer and switched it off.

My plan was to give it a clean up and sell/gift it.  But then The [ex?] Worker Friend [?] started using it to store his stuff in when he was working here.  I do cook an evening meal for him and/or Peetee when they are here but lets face it, they aren't here for a social visit, they come to work on the place which they aren't doing for free!  If I provided all their food it would work out very expensive.   When I discussed a daily rate with Peetee [which is just over half his normal daily rate] he suggested a slightly lower rate if I provided an evening meal.  Even so, he occasionally buys us a take away.  The [ex?] Worker Friend[?]  takes the evening meal for granted.  I'll leave you to guess which one of them helped themselves to my toothpaste, shampoo, moisturiser etc.  Until I moved it all into my bedroom.  Don't get me wrong, if you came to visit me for a holiday or social visit, I'd provide all your meals and you'd be welcome to help yourselves to snacks/drinks etc.  And even to the toiletries in the bathroom - after all, it's a drag having to pack so much 'stuff' or buy it when you arrive.  But there's a difference imo between a holiday/social visit which is finite, and an ongoing business arrangement.  Maybe you'll consider I'm being 'tight' but bear in mind the arrangement with The [ex?] Worker Friend[?] was that he'd get a cut of the profit once I sold, so I fail to see why I should also cover his living expenses when he was here. 
Back to the fridge/freezers and come the festive season they were full to bursting.  It's not that I buy too much for use over the holidays, more that there are generally some very good bargains which I nab for use later on.  And trust me, if you can make time to go to the supermarket on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, it's pretty quiet and there's tons of yellow sticker goodies to bag.  This year I even got another turkey at half price.  I figured I could use it at Easter but of course I'll be back 'home' for the Scintillating at Sixty celebrations.  I'll have to rethink that one.  The turkey that is - not The Scintillating at Sixty celebrations. So I've been busy trying to use things up.  Meanwhile in Elaine's garage was my old under counter freezer.  It was clear to me that she was getting antsey about it - electricity costs natch, despite the fact I'm paying her each month for the storage space.  So on one of the recent trips, we brought it back to Base Camp.  It was pretty stuffed to the brim and obvs needed sorting and defrosting given its been just sat in her garage for some months.  Not to mention it needs a damn good clean. 


Having made some space in Frank, today seemed as good a day as any to play Freezer Tetris.  We've all been there haven't we?  Ramming one more pack of peas/chicken breasts/home made soup in.  Believe me, this was on a whole other level.  It's not just chess. Think more 3D chess.

Or hexagonal chess.

Suffice to say - it was challenging!  Somethings I have put in the fridge ready to have a 'cookfest'.  By which time I'll have defrosted and cleaned the freezer I brought back from Elaine's.  I should be an Army General or a Town Planner or some such what with all this multi task juggling.  Maybe I should run for Mayor of London?  Meh!  Perhaps I'll just volunteer at a local charity - probably more useful.

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That one really hasn’t grown up yet, has he? Time to cut him free after the work is done, methinks!
    26 days ago

    Seems to me that the central rub in your relationship with The [ex?] Worker Friend [?] is a lack of well-defined mutually agreed upon boundaries. I've never had a successful, mutually supportive friendship/relationship without well-defined mutually agreed upon boundaries. I couldn't put up with the relationship as you describe it from either side. I really hope (for both your sakes) you can come to a truly and mutually supportive place, or find the courage to cut each other loose.

    35 days ago
    Busy lady getting Frank organized! Good luck.
    36 days ago
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