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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 206 of Doing The New: Preparing to cross stitch!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

"Take the time to do what makes your soul happy."

In January (I think) I started reading about chakra's. I realized my chakra's were blocked. I am guessing due the abuse I've suffered. The 1st chakra was the root. I took paper and wrote down lots of ideas on how to open the root chakra from listening to music, to daily affirmations, to journaling, to what to eat, etc. I've notices that the list of signs your root chakra is blocked is becoming less and less for me. It's getting harder to journal. For example 'what do you believe about yourself" has gone from negative to positive so when I get to question: what 3-steps I can take to change it-I don't want to change a positive belief in myself! It's time to move on to chakra #2! Even though I am still working on organizing our place!

emoticon Chakra #2 is sacral which is creativity and healthy relationships. I was working on my March calendar and realized March is many things-one thing March is craft month! I thought those 2 go hand and hand. The color is orange. As I started writing down ideas to open that chakra, I begun to get excited. One thing I decided to do was to start on my cross stitch for my nephew's wedding. So for day 206 of doing my new, I started to write down on my calendar what I wanted to cross stitch each day. I need to go through my stuff and make sure I have the right colors also. This is something I haven't done in 8 years!

emoticon Some of the fun suggestions I remember are eat orange food. Eat healthy fats. Surround your environment with things you love! My mind started to spin with excitement. Things I love....My bedroom I totally love but the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bed room are what my mom did. My washroom is filled with my son's stuff. My guess is I will move on to Chakra 3 (self-confidence and strength) and still be working on this which is okay!

emoticon I am grateful for a home. I got a email from a friend this AM. Her house burnt down Friday night. They are staying with their daughter. I am in total shock!

emoticon What do I love about me? My mom died 8 years ago tonight or tomorrow morning. I love how much I have changed in these past 8 years!

Onward to Day 207 of doing the new!
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