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Finding my Voice Part 4/2

Monday, February 24, 2020

To recap, last year I had to see a cardiologist to whom I was referred by my Primary Doctor. At the first visit, although I clearly told them about using Ruth as my name, no one listened. My next visit was to have an echocardiogram.
Upon checking in I once again explained about my name. I was told to go to the waiting room for the test, by entering a door, turning left and then enter the waiting room on the right. I repeated the directions. SHe confirmed. When I got there, there was no one there. NOt even anyone behind the desk. As I waited, many other people came through the door, but all turned to the right. After about ten minutes I thought I heard my name called in the distance. (Mrs. S)
I walked through the doorway (on the right), through a waiting room until I found someone at a desk. SHe confirmed I had been called and I had the echocardiogram.
At the follow up visit with the doctor, he told me my heart was healthy and strong. but due to the A fib, I needed to have a shock treatment at the hospital. He asked me what I was doing the following day and told me to meet him at a hospital to have it done.
I told him I did not think my insurance covered that hospital. He said, "See you tomorrow".
WHen I went to check out, I was told before I could have the procedure I needed to have blood work done. She also checked and the hospital he suggested was not covered by my insurance.
Although some members of that office work at the hospital that is covered he does not and I would have the procedure done by a different doctor. And definitely not tomorrow. She said after I had the blood work to call and they would schedule the procedure..
Needless to say, after I completed the bloodwork, I called and had to leave a message, with the promise of a call back within 48 hours. I tried three more times at three day intervals, always leaving a message and never getting a call back. It is one year later and I am still waiting!
BY this time I was finished with that place.
I checked with my insurance company for a list of doctors. I called three of them, ONe was moving his practice, and two were not taking any new patients.
THen I asked around. A friend had gone through heart surgery the previous year and she loves her cardiologist.
WHen I called to make the appointment, they asked me could I come in that afternoon.
I loved her when I met her. SHe explained everything in detail, including what was wrong with my heart and how the cardioversion was the first option to correct it.
WIthin two weeks I had the procedure. I have had two follow ups since then and my heart is still doing well..
I found my voice to stop seeing a doctor that obviously did not care about me as a patient. My heart is too important to leave it in the hands of someone who is as scatter brained as that doctor seemed to be. My health is important to me. I am worth every effort, nit matter how uncomfortable I may feel about changing doctors.
THis is the final blog about finding my voice. I hope you will all care enough to find the right doctors for your team.. You are worth it!
Have a beautiful day.
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