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Oh My! Getting back on track after my binge.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Binged. It happens. This morning I woke up totally ravenous and too tired to care. My thoughts were not about my goals, my well being, even you all. I just plain wanted energy and to eat.
I had 2 mini bags of chips 160 cal each, a coke 140 cal, 2 payday bars 240 cal each... then I stopped.

My 🚗 car analogies came back to me. Where was I? I was driving in a dump. I was driving around in a garbage dump. I had made a wrong turn and had missed out on listening to the GPS! (My Good Policy System!). My good policies are to not have that stuff in the house in the first place. My good policies include starting with a healthy breakfast to set the tone for the day.

My good policies needed to start now! So I turned on my car’s GPS and forgave myself immediately and started over immediately. I planned my route out of the dump, not such a scenic place, to my vacation destination of Onderland! Whoooohooooo!

I drank a coconut water and had salad for lunch with some chicken. Depriving just leads to more binge eating, you know. Planned a healthy dinner of pork chop, potato, & veggies. Snacks of berries and cauliflower later with dips.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Be flexible with yourself. Be forgiving. You are only human and food is good stuff. We are predisposed as humans to like it.

Sometimes, as a recovering perfectionist, it is very hard to think in terms of flexibility. I tend to want to think black or white. There is a spectrum of colors for a reason. There are even colors our eyes cannot detect, such as ultraviolet. I serve my innermost perfectionist up to those thoughts. I challenge my perfectionist to find the best way to think outside the box and possibly question the existence of the box.

Beth Donovan
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