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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Well my day off and my girlfriend had an appointment at the nail salon to have our maniped today. We just love this place as it is so relaxing. We had our pedicure and the tech walked me across to the mani table. We sit ins rolling chair. I don't know what went wrong today, but they usually stand behind the chair until you are seated. I was sitting and the chair went back and I landed on my but on the tile floor. As I was falling I rolled the upper part of my body forward so I did not hit may head. I landed on the but. I hit hard. Well they all ran over and were pulling on my arms to get me up. Sorry, They are all little people from Vietnam. I remarked to my friend that must have been funny, trying to get my but off the floor. Probably the biggest guy there may be 110 to 120 and the women are smaller. I told them let me roll on my knees and push up. Well I stood up and could move my legs, etc. I was afraid I had broken a hip. I sat in the chair and there were electrical shocks going up my back to my shoulders. I finished my nails and the owner came over talking to me. Asking if I was okay did he need to do anything for me. I told him know. We left and went to lunch. My butt hurt when I moved, but that was it. I came home. Hubby took the magnet pad out of Cocos bed
and put it in my recliner. I feel some heat from it going into my body. I think that is working. We have these on our bed and I will sleep on them tonight. I do have a sore spot on my but, but think it is going to be a bruise. My upper arms hurt where they were all pulling on me to get me up. They were all so sweet about it. coming to the door as I was leaving to see if I was okay. I think I will be okay and the magnets will take the soreness out of my body in the next two days. Once this old lady knew she had not broken her hip she was happy
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