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Finally - counting carbs!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

First off - I am NOT trying to do KETO!

I've started following the 'metabolic renewal' program guidelines - 15 mins workout 3 days a week designed specifically to work with female hormonal make-up. And the guidelines for eating for my hormonal-age (ie oestrogen/progesterone shut-down).


The guidance is to find your 'carbohydrate tipping point' - ie how many carbs can you eat before your weight starts going up? Then, the guidelines for my hormonal group is to front/back load the carbs: this means having half my daily amount of carbs in the morning, and the other half in the evening - leaving the middle of the day relatively free of carbs.

This is interesting for me because I've been doing the opposite - eating pretty much all my carbs at lunch-time in a big meal, and having low carb breakfast and tea/dinner.

So I'm finally using the Spark nutritional tracker to see how many carbs I'm eating. I'm not tracking ALL my food - just the carby things.

I've always known that things like bread, cakes, potato, rice, pasta will make me gain weight - but now that I'm actually checking the carb-content, I can see very clearly what a lot of you are already very familiar with - these foods have a high carb content.

I've managed for the past two days that I've been tracking to keep my carb well under 200 g (152g on Monday, 103g on Tuesday), but the carbs are pretty evenly spread across my three meals. So I need to do some adjustments.

It's taken me back to my low-carb cookery books for ideas! As a 'mostly vegan' it's quite challenging -

today I'm making some tofu mini-quiches (which will be packed lunch material for a few days); some nut-free granola (mostly made with seeds and cacao); and I have hummus and salad fixings. I'm also going to make a batch of ginger-garlic coleslaw (red and white cabbage, carrot, onion, ginger, garlic).

Seems like I've entered a 're-boot' phase!
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