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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 195 of Doing the New: A surprise Valentines gift

Friday, February 14, 2020

emoticon "Where ever you go, leave a heart print."

emoticon Happy Valentine's Day!

emoticon Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.

emoticon My mom was raised in a home where they celebrated everything. So when they got married, she just assumed Dad would also. But Dad wanted to spend every holiday in bed but because he loved mom he went along with whatever she wanted to do. Dad would start verbal disagreements with me or his brothers. My mom would verbally attack me for not allowing his verbal attacks to 'roll of my shoulders'.

emoticon Both my parent's felt the foundation of a good marriage of 48 years was based on no fighting with each other. Yes this is why I never got married, I never found a man I agreed 100% with. A few years I read where it is healthy to disagree in front of your kids because it shows your kids how to fight in a healthy way. I was confused so I asked my counselor. She explained to me that when 2 people disagree, one person is always giving in. That person is going to take their anger out on someone else. In my parent's case, my dad always gave into my mom and Dad took his anger out on me and then mom tried to make me feel guilty for Dad's behavior.

emoticon Valentine's Day was not focused on Mom wanting Dad to do something Dad didn't want to do, it was focused on me sitting at the kitchen table making a valentine mailbox out of a shoebox and me writing out valentines for my classmates and making treats for the class party. I don't remember 7-12 grade but by then I had 2 brothers who were in school and mom was focused on them making their mailboxes and writing out their valentine's and baking goodies for their class room parties as well as her own. She was a special ed teacher at that time. Once I was 18, I was never home on that day.

emoticon When my son came along, I got an idea from 'Family Fun Magazine'. I did a valentine's treasure hunt for my son. I got dollar items and the prize was always a movie or a book. Of course once he got into school it was doing the valentine's day cards. 7-12 grade as a prom fund raise I sent him a carnation which he loved.

emoticon When my son was in pre-school, someone gave me the idea of having a sledding/valentine's day party once he got into school. I loved that idea. My 2nd year in college I took a rec class where we learned to plan parties with games, etc. I loved that class and was all excited except the paternal grandma decided she wanted my son every weekend and the cowboy judge gave it to her!

emoticon I have not celebrated Valentine's Day since my son went off to college. The 1st year he got strep throat and was in bed, The 2nd year he got his girlfriend a flowers and she got really upset at him for giving her a gift on Valentine's Day. I think he stopped celebrating! I am unsure.

emoticon When I took the quiz for Dressing You Truth, I found out I was an energy type 1 which the symbols are hearts, stars, circles, etc. That explains my love for hearts! My son discovered his 2nd year in college he loved stars. I am beginning to love stars because of his love.

emoticon Yesterday I finished my blog and while I was taking a shower I was thinking how can I write a valentine's day blog that sound's upbeat when my heart is breaking. Thanks to his dysfunctional girlfriend, he has become like my dad not wanting to celebrate anything. I am like my mom wanting to celebrate everything! I came back and looked at my affirmation for the day: 'I am worthy of all things wonderful'. I looked up and a FX truck stopped. I thought it was my car part so I went to the door (-16) and here it was a Valentine gift from my son! A box full of Mrs. Field's cookies!!! I was so surprised and so fill of happiness. Yes it doesn't take a lot. That is my day 195 new because he has never given me a Valentine's gift before. I sent him a thank you. I put it on face book! I was go over joyed! That is also my grateful for yesterday the surprise gift!

emoticon What do I love about myself? I love that I have a heart full of joy!

Onward to day 196 of doing the new!
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