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I would swear today was Friday the 13th

Thursday, February 13, 2020

after getting five hours of sleep, got up and got hubby ready for work.. brought the dog downstairs and then just sat in the recliner and caught up on email before I took a short nap

Got up. it was POURING outside

As I started going through my email later in the morning, one popped up with results of some of my labs. my urine lab had several issues which still are freaking me out..

Then I saw my cholesterol and glucose. Both were elevated from September. I walked around thinking and thinking and then googled my cholesterol medicine. There is was. It elevates glucose and cholesterol levels. I have been on it for two years now and guessing it is time for a change.

Then I go to the grocery store and pharmacy. I found some coffee I wanted which was on clearance but I could not reach it. went to look for a team member to reach it for me.. and then as I was walking to him, my foot slipped and I did this dance to try to catch myself and nearly ended up knocking over the cart of dairy products he was stocking. never again will I wear crocs to the grocery store

I was and even though it has been several hours, still shaking. It was so embarassing trying to get up and not hurting my knee or doing anything worse

So now I am home and just waiting to see if the doctor from yesterday calls me or if I need to put in an sos to my woman's health provider..

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