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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Today I decided to do a full assessment of Best Weight Loss Days - since I started my cut on 21 Dec.
I had tried to do this once before in mid January but there wasn't enough "fat loss" data, it was "water weight loss" stats at that point, aka, KFC is not a weight loss food, unless you're at the weight I was at lol.

And I am ... surprised , and relieved, to announce, What I thought about weight loss: was wrong.
Did you know there are types of Keto? High Carb version (50gcarb a day) for example, Fat Fast which is 90% fat from calories,
Before 2020 I was following Keto Connects Course ($) Before that I had done Diet Drs (Keto) I realise now what the issue was - with KC you'd only make one meal 5 times, and eat the same stuff all week - if I didn't like a meal, I wouldnt eat it, (Which was frequent cos they make complicated, spicy recipes). with Diet Dr, it was too varied, and he cut off free access to the plan and I never got to re try it.

But I never thought, DOUBLING my protein, (or trippling it) actually, was the thing I needed,
aka Body Builder's Keto diet. Here's the link www.goketocut.co
If you want to get access to it :) - I should also mention I won second place for the Keto Cut weight loss competition for the month and I got to choose the prize I wanted all along!

Yep ! A Case of Happy Birthday to me! :D emoticon

I lost my weight in the first 3 weeks but i went off of the meal plan cos i was never hungry and dropped my calories down and stalled in the weight loss.
I didnt' realise that was why, until today - but this was a few days ago: I had to FORCE myself to do photos cos I was so distraught from stalling I thought I shouldnt even enter.
So it's great I got a placement :)

So. Success Leave Clues - Especially when one takes meticulous notes.
My meal plan is available here on Spark, my best days in order of % of weight loss are:
12 jan - 2.4% (in a day!), 11 jan 1.5%, 17 jan .9% 3 jan .8% 15 jan .7% 28 jan .7% 31 jan .7% 18 jan .6% 23 jan .6%

There are 9 best days, 6 have full calories and 3 low calorie/fasting days - Of those 6 the average is: Its 1531 calories, 18 carbs, 104 fat and 109 protein
(Which makes me think of Pork cos it's almost 50/50 fat and protein)

My typical behaviour when on my natural" trying to eat well with no meal plan", is
800 calories, 50 carbs, 40 fat, 50 protein or so..

So you can imagine for me - that's a massive change.
I've been "low calorie" since I started gaining weight at age 19. (now 41) so. I've got some new habits to cultivate!

Infact looking back over my life and diets I've tried it, This tendency to not eat... has probably sabotaged all my keto dieting.. I recall the.... time I was 86kg and dropping calories and stalling, and in that cut in 2017 stalling at 91kg same thing, I was only eating sf pepsi and sf gum... my dear Lord... never let that happen again. I was MISERABLE. lol
So lets not do that again....

I noticed a trend if i dropped under 1200 calories, my weight loss would either taper off/ stop, Which was a surprise, (to me) but yeah... That's good.. That's GREAT. It actually means I get to eat :)

and ofcourse, I found out: Steak is my new Happy Meal.
(I've not had steak in years)

I also found some new allergys:
- Gluten Free Sausages
- Anything with Whey Protein Powder in it.
- Weight Watchers Chocolate Mousse. (mind you the opposite, home made chocolate and avocado keto mousse: powerful fat burner)
Pfft weight watchers, don't get me started.
- And now, Fries (didn't used to be)

I also thought no exercise was best going by results, but.... if we take the average on those 9 best days of over .5% weight loss a day. (aka awesome results), I averaged out at 20 mins, Either Jillian w/light weights or on the Cross Trainer (intensity 2-3/ 5) (I dunno if average is best half were rest days, 1/4 at 20mins medium intensity, some at 1 hour and insane intesity. (But then I had to eat more)
So I dunno. but "none" isnt the answer :)

So my new meal plan will have things like
full on cheese bacon burgers (no bun) with mayo and avocado and other low carb trimmings
steak and butter and cream mash cauli,
Chicken breast with cheese and ham and creamed spinach..
(I was thinking to swap that out for Salmon). Chicken sucks for protein.
*has no idea what salmon has LOL*
home made fat bombs with almond butter base
cucumber slices with mayo and shredded chicken and probably cheese slices too.
3 egg omelette with coconut oil, spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, parmesan

That kinda deal.... not...
12 almonds. or half an avocado.
like I was before,

One time David brought home a MASSIVE bbq'd steak and fried egg from work,
I will have to ask that to be regular cos apparently, My body loves that.

In Summary.. with any meal... Add a piece of fried bacon to it. emoticon
So uh yeah I feel happy ... I can try and go forward with this
(or follow Logan's second meal plan)
I have options :)
- Much Love, Kitty

p.s I bought hemp seed protein powder this week, so Mebbe I could sprinkle that on my future Cordon Salmon dish hehe :D

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    You are doing great!
    I have the same problem of underrating when I lose my appetite.
    115 days ago
    Awesome information, Kitty. You really are in tune w/your body and that's what it takes for success. And btw, congrats on your keto win, too!

    HUGS Travel on, my dear. You are learning a lot on this journey.
    115 days ago
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