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Random news on a random Tuesday in February

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

So, initial interview was on Monday, hoping to get a callback soon! Today was follow-up at the dentist; my mouth isn't a trash fire, but I'm going to need 2 crowns eventually. And I have to do something about the missing tooth, either a bridge or an implant. All told, it's a big chunk of change that I do not have. But at least the hygienist told me I was taking good care of them. That's always nice.

And last but not least, Thursday is the final exam for this online course I have been taking. It's a busy week!

I have been doing great with logging my food, but man I wish I had not drunk all that red wine on Monday! Yes, it was celebration time and all that, but wow it just destroyed my calorie budget and bloated me up something fierce!

BLD has learned a new trick. Today he was doing his best gargoyle impression on the back of the futon, when an ambulance drove past with the siren wailing. Needlenose just tilted his head back and howled in unison with it. Like, eerie wailing howl, not the usual I-think-there's-a-monster-in-t
he-breezeway kind of howl. Perfectly matching the siren, going on and on and on. Hair on my arms stood up and it was the creepiest thing I have ever seen or heard him do. We live just a few blocks from the hospital, so he's heard ambulances before. No idea what got into him, and I hope he never does it again.

I have made some progress on the fitness front. I am about as flexible as a cinderblock, but the stretches I've been doing are starting to go better! It's still a long road to go before I can say I'm limber, but at least I'm not as stiff as I was!
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