Once Upon a Time...Just an Ordinary Day in February

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

haha, I had to pause after writing my title, because to my right, there is an ad for fixing thinning hair. The photo is of a head of hair with a giant lettuce or cabbage leaf draped over it.
I'm not sure I'll recover from seeing that....

But anyway, Hello!
Last night I laid out some more bread dough and this morning it was nice and puffy. I remembered to take it out of the plastic bag before letting it thaw enough to start rising. So my pepperoni roll story is nothing of excitement today. (for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, read my previous blog.)

One of my Marine sons enjoyed his 10 day visit Home and moved on to North Carolina for more training. He's been in touch frequently since he left a week ago Monday, and I just find that such a huge blessing that we can have children in the military and still remain in contact. Love it.
My other son is still home for a couple more weeks, and I'm loving that!

I'm very proud of myself because I'd completed my 50 minute rebounding workout every evening last week and have a great start this week. I'm determined not to skip them.
I have an appointment sometime in March, and a wedding in June, so I'm going to give it my best shot to reach 'commitment goals'. It's fun having a time target. I think I do better that way.
The scale budged again. I've been swinging up and down between 240 and 236. That 236 is just TEASING me! I can't wait to reach 234! just because! haha.
This healthier lifestyle is getting much easier for me. Easier to get back on track after being distracted. The cravings aren't bad anymore. That hungry feeling has gone away. So I'm seeing so many improvements in those areas, regardless of what the weight is. Yea!

Okay, gotta go stay on track! Goodnight!
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