Where am I?

Sunday, February 09, 2020

I know that I haven't been here. If you've been following my blog, what should you make of my absence?

Only, that I'm really, really busy. The course I'm teaching this semester - "Food, hunger and obesity" - is a new prep for me and that means hours and hours of preparation. Right now I'm only on slide 44 for tomorrow's hour and forty-five minute lecture on why exercise does not help us lose weight (despite what Coach Nancy says). The problem with a new prep is that I only have a vague ideal how long the material I have already prepared will take, but I figure I need around 70 or 80 slides. Each slide is based on research and must be checked and double checked so it takes FOREVER.

But my weight journey is proceeding along. As I write this I am about 16 hours into my latest fast and going strong. I just one of your would volunteer to finish this lecture for me!

Now back to the first law of thermodynamics...

Spark on, peeps.
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