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Upcoming Foot surgery

Friday, February 07, 2020

I am looking forward to having surgery on my foot on February 19th after 9 really long months of having to stay off of my foot due to a wound on the bottom of the left foot. I have rocker foot a bone deformity due to the collapsing of the middle of my foot. I had a callus and was told by the podiatrist to be careful with it so that it didn't turn into a sore. Being diabetic it would be really hard to heal. I was extremely careful with it.

It was when I fell out of my office chair that it got ripped open by the bottom of the leg of the office chair when it flipped over. That was nine month ago in just a couple of days. I have never wanted to walk so bad in my life. They took new x-rays last week and it showed more collapsing in the middle of my foot exactly where the wound is located. You can see in my pictures of the actual film with my writing on it to show where it is all taking place.

It is no wonder it hasn't healed up as were it once was a smooth shaped bulging area now there is a pointy like shape to it directly in the middle of the wound area preventing any healing in that area. He will do surgery to shave off that bone that is bulging and causing so many problems. It happens with this small needle like device that will go in each of the 4 small incisions he will be making about a 1/4 of in inch away from the wound area on each of the sides. The needle like tool that he will be using also sucks up all bone fragments and he assured me that there will be no bone fragments left in the area. I really love this doctor so much more than my first podiatrist. He is just more open when listening and is more willing to do what is necessary to get me back on my feet again. This has just gone on too long. I have developed super sensitive skin from all of the different types of off loading pads, tapes and other things added in the treatment. I also have some open sores on the chins of both of my legs that started out as "water blisters" so we are working on treating them too. Currently there is no game plan other than to keep the swelling down and applying a collagen type of powder to absorb and fill in the area of skin that has become open.

I am doing fine the pain is what makes all of this hard to deal with but I got this!! I will have the surgery and it will then finally start to heal the way is should of in the beginning. None of this is anyone's fault my first podiatrist really thought that he could take care of it and at that time he did a great job. It was when it wasn't healing after the placenta application didn't do anything that he referred me out to wound care clinic about 4 months ago. We have made some minor progress but then we stay the same for weeks and might get only 1 mm of healing or maybe 2 mm then the next week there is 1-2 mm that it has gotten deeper. It is now the size of a quarter and is about 3 mm deep. He has operated on a couple of people he said were well over 400 lbs with almost the exact same type of wound and with is around 5-6 weeks they are totally healed. So I am keeping fingers crossed mine will do the same thing. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me however I will take some prayers, good vibes for the surgery to go well.

The very hardest part of this all besides the extreme pain is getting 100 mg or more of protein day. It helps promote the healing. You also have to keep your sugars at 100 or less. I will get one balanced then the other will be out of whack. The struggle is real!

I have fluctuated between a 11-17 pound gain while being laid up. But my body/ fat has changed as far as the molding of it. Sadly my clothes are fitting so differently in most areas and I hate it. When I look at myself or others that love me no matter how I look have all agreed that I look like I have gained 30 more pounds or more. The scales don't agree though as there has not been that much gain. I cannot get up every 10 minutes to move as he wants me not to be on my foot at all. I only walk to my living room and the restroom as needed all day long.

I was keeping myself occupied with different things until now winter depression has hit and I am at a low. Yet I am working on crocheting preemie hats for the babies that don't make it. I will take them all to the NICU at the children's hospital to go with the babies when they are buried. Losing my son although he was 33 when he passed just reminded me of all the times that they prepared us that he was not going to make it the first couple of months, then 3 years , 5 years, teens and then late teens well didn't he show them all. We have one of the best NICU around so lots of babies are flown here from our 4 surrounding states. Kurtis was not a preemie he weighed 4lbs and 13 ounces so he was barely over the preemie limit. The 2 weeks that he was in the infant special care unit we saw so many parents with preemies fighting for their tiny little life and how it was affecting the parents. Some didn't make it and then the parents would have to decide on burial clothing etc. I know that we have lots of brides here that have donated their wedding dresses and we have some older ladies that cut them up and make the clothes for the preemies burials and I want to give these little tiny white hats to go with them. My wedding dress was too shot by everyone that wore it as costume for many parties so I couldn't donate it.

Have a great weekend my friends Remember I got this! Super excited that we will finally start some healing. The first 2.5 weeks will be spent in bed and not to be on my foot at all until week one and that is only to go to an appointment with him then back home to rest.

Thank you everyone for reading this update. I will soon be moving right along again to beat my goals and to feel good again!

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