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Day 24 of 100: Measurements and progress photo to start off February!

Saturday, February 01, 2020

So, gonna get right to it. I took my measurements and progress photo this morning. I was doing front view photos but I can never see much difference so I've been doing side views. I made some low cal chunky brand soup but it smells and tastes like dog food (not that I know what dog food tastes like lol). So, instead, I ate a cesar salad for breakfast as I have a bunch of leftovers.

Here are my measurements:

So definitely an improvement! Down 2 inches in my waist! Wow! I lengthened out the measuring tape to the old number and couldn't believe my waist was that much bigger just 2 months ago!

Now, I'm not sure how accurate I've been measuring. I don't remember where exactly I measured last time so I always just measure the biggest area of the body part. My arms and thighs were the most confusing. I think I did mid thigh and mid arm last time but I'm not 100 percent sure so I just went up to the biggest area instead.

Still, even at the biggest area, there is a 0.5 inch loss! If I went to mid thigh and mid arm it would have been more, 1+ inch losses! But, I'll stick with half inch to be safe!


Now, here's my progress photo.

I don't see much difference from December ...
but the other months?

Wow! My stomach is going down!

I'm 2 inches down in my waist from December. I kind of see it I guess. I'm genuinely happy!

I'm going to keep going. I'm finally finding an eating balance that I can see myself carrying over into maintenance! On to the next goals!

From my run this morning. The sky was pink and purple as the sun came up, so pretty!

The park I usually do laps at was really busy this morning. They were doing some kind of sport event, extreme frisbee?

Well, they were blocking the sidewalk, so I decided to take a new route which took me up this giant hill!

It was hard. My legs were burning! It was steeper than I'm used to and just seemed to keep getting steeper with every step!

But, getting to the top was worth it for the view!

Wow, just wow. View of the whole city! and those mountains!!

sheesh, I love outdoor workouts now!

That's it for today. On to a new month and new goals!
Going out with a friend now. Ttyl!
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