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I am so hungry I could eat a....

Friday, January 31, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some starving artists (in many fields) do their best work during that phase? When they find success and a more comfortable lifestyle, they seem to lose their cutting edge and we sadly wonder what happened.

I was privileged to attend a New Years concert just before a very famous musician passed away. The performance was disappointing. He had gained weight, and I don't think he was well. I am glad that I heard him in person because he is one of the greats who changed the course of music. The enjoyment of what he created lives on and influences others.

On a more mundane level, we see a change happen every day with the work performed by employees before lunch and after lunch.
It happened when I was taking all day computer programming classes. After the guys came back from lunch, little was accomplished.

One day Ben and Jerry's did a a special promotion where I worked. There are four servings in that little container. How much work do you think we accomplished that afternoon? Food coma.

"You are happier and more productive when you are empty." Joe Holman

Years ago I would not have agreed with this. I rushed to fill all the spaces. I didn't want to take a chance that one could die from a growling stomach, lol. I thought I was happiest when full.

I joined a group doing intuitive eating (long before it was called that, maybe the first wave in that field). The first week we were to wait until we experienced hunger. Most of us had little knowledge of the symptoms of hunger because we always avoided it. I didn't eat for the first four days that week as I was learning to listen for hunger. It got easier as we progressed.

Over time, I have learned that I function best when slightly empty. I feel more productive and in control. I do not look forward to big-meal-events because I know how easy it is to cross that line. It can take awhile for our brain to catch up with our full signal. When I fall into the misery of uncomfortable fullness, I promise myself I will never do that again.
I am happier and more productive when I am slightly empty.
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