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Week 3 Visualizations, thoughts and progress

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

So BLC WEC this week and the theme for the week were all about working out what we want and creating dreamboards/visionboards etc and normally these sort of things I go old school and would create a poster then take a photo, but this week my options due to technology and finances were limited and so the best I could and can do is share the pictures I've saved to my computer with the intention of updating my old motivational wall to a new motivational door in the very near future

A website called modelmydiet allows you to create an image of yourself (ok not a very accurate one but definitely better than looking at models and actresses and hoping to be someone else as far as I can see it) I have used it a few times over my FBI years to keep focused on the overall progress I desire. The first time I used it I had a start point of over 140kg and a goal of 80kg - as you can see I'm now at a better start point, and I have a more realistic "goal," not as a final point but because I'm now about achievable steps not astronomical leaps.

I added this meme/quote whatever they're called to remind myself this isn't about comparing with anyone else, competing with anyone else or to please anyone else, this is about being my best self and each day striving to be better than I was

This one is about setting better standards for myself and also how I allow others to treat me
Standards work in many ways - I treat others better than I treat myself, that has to change. I allowed others to hurt me and mistreat me in ways I would never allow a friend or family member to be treated. I am capable of better and worthy of better.

I had an interesting week on the health front and a few ups and downs but made progress in my home, my mind and my soul which are all necessary steps to continuing my journey to my best self

I lost less than half a pound this week, but after two strong weeks I graciously accept that some weeks will be better on the scale than others
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