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January Progress!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January is coming to close soon and all is going well! The truth? I literally haven't lost any weight. (as of this moment) Upside, I've only had two weigh in's since my initial weigh in. Week 1 - I gained 1.6 lbs. Week 2 - I LOST 1.6 lbs. So overall, can I really be mad at that? Hopefully my weigh in tomorrow produces results!

I'm doing a good job of sticking to my plan, which I started January 6th.

-I've worked out 3 days a week every week - just like my goal stated! Two of the 3 weeks I worked out 4 times!

-I've gotten my 64 oz of water EVERY day!

-I messed up once on my alcohol twice a week goal. In week 2 I had alcohol on 3 days. In order to correct this, last week I only drank on one day. Because of my slip, I decided not to beat myself up about it, but compensate for it, move forward, and consider myself on track with the plan. That's fair, right? Not cheating?

-I haven't eaten a single bit of restaurant food! And I have to say most days, I don't miss it. Every once in a while in the thick of our crazy lives, I'd love to just be able to run out and grab something from a restaurant. BUT I DON'T! I'm planning a date night for Saturday night with DH to celebrate my month of no restaurants! I plan to still pick a place that I can be healthy so that I don't mess up all of my progress.

I've come up with my goals for February. I'm traveling a lot in February so I wanted to make sure the goals I set up are attainable. I think I have them on point.
-7,000 Steps Each Day
-64 oz of Water Each Day
-No Snooze Button
-Healthy Travel Habits!

I'm trying to come up with what I truly mean for "Healthy Travel Habits." What are some things you do to stay healthy while traveling?
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