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Feeling burned out and frustrated - NEED HELP

Saturday, January 25, 2020

I made a lot of progress and am down at least 60 pounds, probably closer to 90 overall.

But, I am 10 to 15 pounds from the goal my doctor set, and I feel angry and stuck. I've been gaining and losing the same five pounds for the last several months.

I am bored with my exercise routine, sticking to it out of obligation. I feel like all I do is go to work, walk to the bus (kilometer) , walk from bus to car (another kilometer), go to the gym, work out for 1-2 hours (hour on the elliptical or hour of weights AND hour of elliptical), then go home, eat dinner, do chores, crash, and do it all again. Even on weekends, I find myself trying to arrange everything around the slog to the gym to "take my medicine." It's 20-25K steps a day per the Fitbit; about 5 kilometers of walking for a commute, an active job, and at least an hour on the elliptical. Sometimes an hour of weight machine circuit AND an hour of elliptical.

Tracking my food has been a big issue, too. Sparkpeople's food tracker is more annoyance than tools at the moment. I can't just go and try some new hole in the wall spot because I don't know how to track it. Even "just guess" wouldn't necessarily work because the trackers are set up around chain restaurants and not the new gastropub's veggie burger, the dahl at the little Indian spot down the road, or the "English menu is behind the counter" Korean cafe. That's frustrating because chains stink; support your local businesses. Worse, I'm stupidly hungry. Since Fitbit tends to lowball the calorie intake and be optimistic about the output, I set it to the most aggressive (1K calorie deficit) setting. But even trying to stay in a deficit, I am not seeing results! I must be screwing up somewhere, and I'm angry that I can't seem to pinpoint all the "where!"

Worse, my family and friends are of little support. I feel guilty exercising on weekends because my husband wants more quality time with me. And again, I keep feeling like I need to schedule everything around the gym and diet plan. I know it's necessary, but it stinks ATM. Worse, my sister keeps posting garbage straight out of Reddit's fatlogic compilation and my family insists I am over exercising and under eating. None of them exercise and almost all are obese with health trouble (I'm putting myself through this to avoid those health troubles), but they're encouraging the "give up and gain it back because set point" idea and I don't want to do that.

So, I'm bored with my workout (sticking to it, but bored) which takes 2 hours of my day and leaves me little time for other hobbies, frustrated at trying to track every little bite of food and playing guessing games with the @!#$@ tracker, hungry, not seeing any progress, and my family is trying to push me into abandoning this altogether.

So how do I get my head back in the game?
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    I've enjoyed your comments, and they led me here. How are you doing? I have some suggestions and am more than willing to provide encouragement!

    I started again this January and I'm down over 40 lbs.

    I get the fat acceptance thing, I have that in my family too. One of my partner calls me "beautiful" as long as I weigh more than she does. If I weigh less, then I'm too skinny. Sigh. Yep. I need to be able to move, crawl around, and lift things, and I'm getting there slowly.
    8 days ago
  • no profile photo GLAMAZONWARRIOR
    Hey, you've made a lot of progress! It's a lot of work!

    Some suggestions:
    1. Keep logging, but try just eating at maintenance for a few months. It helps.
    2. I don't eat back my exercise calories when I'm eating at a deficit. I use Fitbit to track my steps, but I know from logging food over time what my actual average calorie use is on a daily basis.
    3. It is a lot easier to cut out 200 kCal/day than 1000. 200 kCal/day is 20 lbs over the course of a year. You're in this over the long haul.

    250 days ago
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