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01/23/20 Make Yourself

Thursday, January 23, 2020

"You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be." Lou Holtz

"I'm not surprised Santa comes down the chimney. When have you ever known a man to do something the easy way?"

Dad: Son, I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
Son: No.
Dad: The girl is Bill Gate's daughter.
Son: Okay then!
Dad goes to Bill Gate.
Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill Gates: No.
Dad: My son is the CEO of the world's greatest bank.
Bill Gates: Okay then!
Dad goes to the CEO of the world's greatest bank.
Dad: Make my son the CEO.
CEO: No.
Dad: My son is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
CEO: Okay then!

It's Clashing Clothes Day! No special reason, just to shake things up. Instead of being careful to coordinate your colors, choose colors and patterns that clash! Step outside the lines today! This holiday is observed on the 4th Thursday of January, just to keep us guessing.
--Measure Your Feet Day: today is a reminder that our feet do change over time and we should get remeasured on a regular basis to be sure we're wearing the right size shoe; a lot of medical issues can arise from wearing an improper sized pair of shoes.
--National Handwriting Day: this holiday was chosen today for the birthday of John Hancock, born 1737, who inspired the phrase "sign your John Hancock" with his famous signature on the Declaration of Independence; the Romans had an early script that looked like cursive; penmanship has been used as a symbol of status; those of us taught in the 50's,60's learned the Palmer method while the D'Nealian script was introduced in the '70's as a transition from print to cursive.
--National Pie Day: a salute to any and every kind of pie is honored today; whether it’s sweet fruit pies, meat-filled pies with gravy or those silly whipped cream pies that people throw for comical effect, no pie is left out during pie day and they all have an opportunity to shine!; pies have been around for thousands of years and the recipe hasn’t changed much; it’s still a pastry that’s filled with something and served on a plate or dish that it’s baked in; what's your favorite?
--National Rhubarb Pie Day: since today is Pie Day, Rhubarb Pie holiday is to remind us to get the rhubarb plants ready so they can be ripe for pie by May-June; rhubarb originated in Western China and was introduced to Europe by Marco Polo; John Bartram planted the first rhubarb seeds in the American colonies in the 1730's.
--Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day: big note: this is a facetious holiday, not to be taken seriously; for today, snowplow drivers can accumulate points for how many mailboxes they knock over; in the mid 18-19th century, snow wasn't plowed but smoothed down as carriages and wagons converted to sleds; snow wardens would roll the snow smooth, even add snow under bridges where snow was scant; by mid-19th century, horse-drawn snow plows were introduced and Milwaukee, in 1862, was the first city to try to clear its streets.
--Women's Healthy Weight Day: observed on the Thursday of the 3rd full week of January; part of a week-long observance for women's healthy weight; a day to remind us gals to aim to be healthy with healthy weight, not to look like the air-brushed models in magazines.
--In 1922, a 14 year-old diabetic patient, Leonard Thompson, is the first to receive insulin as treatment as developed by Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and J.J.R. MacLeod.
--In 1957, toy company Wham-O introduces the frisbee. From bing: "The toy company Wham-O has taken notice of a plastic flying disc invented by WWII veteran pilot Walter Morrison, who's been selling his Pluto Platters on the beaches of Santa Monica, California. He sells the rights for the Pluto Platter to Wham-O, which soon changes its name to the Frisbee."
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