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One more sleep

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

O, ya, one more sleep and I head to vacation in Hawaii. Not trying to make you jealous but I am so happy to get to go spend time with my sister at her home, in pure heaven. I do wish I could move there. Although I think I would miss my beloved Chicago. I already have the cab on order. YEA! Got my hair ultra short. And yes there is a naked woman picture over my shoulder, in my kitchen. "Hella Sexy" LOL, my tattoo artist did that one. I think I need to rethink this shorty. Mani/pedi done just chilling now. My son and I will be celebrating the hockey event tonight with pizza and wine. I never eat pizza in Hawaii cause, as a Chicagoan I am snobbish about my pizza. 🤩 My sister has gained weight so we will be all about eating healthy and no spurging. I even packed some recipes to try cooking for us.

I read an article on embarrassing moments during yoga and thought I would share a thought with you. Most of what the article said applies to the gym in general. It talked about embarrassment over sweating. Really? People sweat, it's a healthy response. One thing they did say was don't try to mask sweat smell with perfume. YES! It is more offensive than sweat in my mind. When you start exercising it just makes the perfume go nuts and overcomes people around you. It also can make breathing uncomfortable. Clothes, dress comfortably and wear stuff that doesn't ride up or down. Good advice for in public too! Another thing discussed, being judged. Don't worry about what people are thinking. They probably, in reality, are not judging you in any way. I often times find myself watching others with full on admiration that they are working to improve their lives. Ok sometimes I watch the muscle builder guys just for fun. Seriously! I'm not just saying this, it's true. People will stare but most often it's just because they are blankly looking in a particular direction. Everyone started somewhere and progress is only going to occur by going at it with no fears!

And this is just good so thought I would post it.

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