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Sunday~January 19th

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Up and around early thinking I had things to do before the game. Wish I could remember what they were! My lil brain was busy last night building things and fixing stuff. Almost..and I do mean Almost , wish I were a sleep walker...I could paint and clean and build , as long as I stayed away from saws and such. I am not though so must make my daylight body do what my midnight brain thinks up! It amazes me that I can plot , plan and even do so much work in my sleep and wake rested! Even my son says...slow down Mom, why are you always in a rush!
I don't think I am in a rush..I just wanna do what I wanna do and I wanna do it NOW! So yeah I am one of those people that says, sure I'd be glad for your help,,then once started it is like..oh you need to do it this way...shortly after that it is..never mind I will do it myself! Not with everything..but sometimes I really have to chew my tongue to keep it from wagging!!
My theory is as long as I keep me moving I am OK..if I stop or even slow down I might not get going again.
The hens were very disappointed this AM, they dashed out of their house to immediately check the area where scraps go. I got a few dirty looks and flat chewed out by Goldie. She is usually the nicest of the girls, but today she was not a happy chickie! She even pecked one of the other hens as she walked by..just being hateful.
It was nice enough to spend several sessions outside throwing ball for Molly, she was such a happy girl and tired out too. When she went out at 9pm, she came in and headed right for her bed. She likes her new kennel , it is big enough to stretch out, stand up and actually move in.
When my DIL saw it she was like , aww Mom, that is gonna be too big for Molly. Then Molly hopped in..stretched out and took a snooze. DIL was like..mmm did not realize she had gotten that big, still a cuddly puppy in my mind.
I tasted the strawberry sugar free jam..it was a bit tart, but not bad. I might just start making all my jams that way..many many less calories for dern sure!
Now the crew is tucked in and I am about ready to join them..stick an all night log in the stove , then curl up under the quilt and dream good dreams! I hope ya'al have a good rest too.
Here's to a good week for all of us... emoticon
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