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Saturday and sort of snowed in.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Has been quite a morning, but I think the blizzard has finally blew it's out, as I can see the black top 3/4 a mile away, when earlier I couldn't even see the end of the driveway. An d the bonus is that the sun is shining showing off all the snow banks all over that means this afternoon it will be nothing but snow moving. It was so bad this morning that Larry didn't even attempt to go into town. His only job this more was to let Merlin out of the shop, and Duke out of the garage. Yes, Duke consented to sleep in the garage last night, That is something he usually fights, but it was so bad last night he except Larry invitation to sleep inside. Today though there is no way Merlin can come in to take his afternoon nap as he is almost white with his hair so full of snow. Of course, he is NOT happy about that. Finn came in to eat this morning and totally refused to go back out, so he is hiding somewhere in the basement, so will let him be until later. I don't say I blame him, I also I'm not looking forward to going out and scooping.

Well, the back splash is done, and we think we have figured out a way to get the stove back into it hole. It would be easy if it wasn't sitting up on a frame, but sadly it is, and you have pick up and push back at the same time, and I don't have the strength with just one good arm. So another thing on my list of Can't Does, the older I get the longer the list. lol I keep telling Larry to just call his brother to help him, as he goes down there all the time to help, it wouldn't hurt to ask just once. lol But nope, we improvise and figure it out ourselves.

Oops, just looked out, and can't see the road again, guess it isn't over with yet. Bummers.

Well, you all stay safe and have a GET afternoon. Linda
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