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From Foodie to Fasting

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I like to eat. I like going out to eat. I love reading recipes, and have too many cookbooks. There is a sense of satisfaction in creating good food. Anticipation is frequently better than reality. The calories shouldn't count if it didn't taste as good as expected.

We've made our obsession of food into a fashionable trend by becoming foodies. We have food channels on television. Our online viewing is saturated with food, from posting pictures on social media to what we save and view on Pinterest. We gravitate to food blogs and recipes. Not speaking for everyone, of course.

I try to do intermittent fasting and OMAD (one meal a day). Occasionally I do a non-caloric fast day when I need a boost. It's great for busting plateaus. Do I follow this plan perfectly? No. My strength is in getting right back at it when I falter.

Any kind of fasting makes me stronger. It loosens the power of food. It puts me in control. It's easy because once the decision is made, I don't have to think about food until it's time to eat again. It eliminates (or at least minimizes) the grazing and late-night munching.

The best thing about fasting, whether intermittent, partial or complete, is how I feel and what it does for my body.

1. It make me strong.
2. It lets my body go into fat-burning mode. If long enough, it lets my cells go from "go" mode of creating cells, to cleaning out or repairing damaged cells. That helps with so many illnesses and conditions.

Progress makes me happy!

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