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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

After several months on the journey, I hit a serious bump. My eating has been going along smoothly. My meal choices are satisfying and I don’t get hungry. I comfortably eat within my calorie range.

We had a plumber in to do some work. He starts early so I got up early that day. I didn’t have breakfast because they were working inside and out running a new line from the kitchen to the water heater.

I was tired that morning because I hadn’t slept well the night before. Nothing unusual or unexpected just an older person thing.

When they finally left, I heated up some leftovers from the fridge. Chicken and veggies in a tomato broth. Portion was okay but not enough protein in there for a full meal. I was still hungry so I added a salad.

Suddenly, I started to grab things to eat. The beginning of a binge. I was eating quickly. One thing became 2 then 3. It happened so quickly that I was shocked.

Finally, my head said this is a binge and it’s got to stop. I wasn’t hungry anymore so I could stop. I gave myself permission to deal with this later. I was tired so I had a nap.

Afterwards, I spent some time thinking about what happened, why it happened and what to do about situations like this in the future.

I ate my lunch and added a salad. You’d think I’d made a good decision there. Nope. I’d left myself vulnerable to the dreaded tired and hungry double punch.

Better choices.
Eat breakfast anyway despite all the things going on in the house.
Plan ahead and have an adequate lunch available.
Have a protein snack available in the fridge and eat that instead of adding just the salad.

Recognize that fatigue and hunger are a powerful combo. It can derail us in a heartbeat. I let my guard down and fell into the old pattern of unplanned eating to meet my needs.

Okay, lesson learned. It was a speed bump. I stopped it and tracked those calories honestly. The tracker showed a few hundred more than my range. Knowing that allowed me to put it behind me and just restart immediately. Thanks Beth for those words. I weighed in on my usual day and still lost .5 pounds that week.

Mostly, I learned that I still need to plan ahead.
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