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flylady clean & swipe & I wasn't feel well today so I went swimming

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A week from Friday I have a whole day of medical tests. I am torn on whether I want them to find anything or not. Clearly I'd rather them NOT find that I have cancer again but if they come back and everything is "normal" then I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of my daily health.

At this point all I can do is control what I can control and then see what happens.

Best I can describe today is - heavy. I feel heavy like I'm operating in a higher gravity field. It is to a slighter degree what I felt like when I was in chemo. There are some other things going on with nausea and dizziness but I thought it was all side effect related so I've been just sort of toughing it out. My oncologist does not think this should be happening so the tests.

I started feeling off last night but it was a low-key football watching evening so it was ok. Then this morning I woke up well after the hubs had gone to work. He gets up at 5:00 and I try to at least be up before he leaves because it just seems like a nicer way to start the day and then I can get an early start on my dream life of running my little accounting empire.

I could not force myself out of bed until 9:00 which is crazy late for me. I don't set an alarm (that was my gift to me when I left my old toxic life). He always resets the coffee pot timer when he leaves and it was off. I only got up because I was dreaming that we were staying at a house that had no bathroom and woke up having to pee.

Then having such an awesome start to the morning meant that I was already feeling a little sick from not eating anything. I get in these cycles where I can't eat but I also know I will not feel better until I eat so I have that going for me.

Well after I choked down a cereal bar and a cup of reheated coffee, I sat at my desk and just stared at my computer screen watching the work pile up. This is good news, absolutely it is. I've been closing lately on a few clients that were a bit on the fence - tax season no doubt.

I just couldn't deal with it. Well part of my new adapted flylady plan is to keep a swim bag ready to go all the time. Before I could come to my senses, I grabbed it and went to the Y. Sometimes that works. I get there and smell the chlorine and start getting jazzed up. If I can get in the water and just do a little swimming I find that I just feel a lot better.

Maybe this morning, part of the problem was sleeping too long and just being in a fog. I'm still not 100% but the hubs is working late tonight so I'm going to spend some extra time with the dog and my lizards in my study doing a bit of catch-up and organizing work.

and try not to think about the medical tests

On the flylady front I'm going to add the swish and swipe or whatever she's calling the quick bathroom cleanup.

Her plan: keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom. When you finish getting ready in the morning, spray down the mirrors, sink, fixtures, and counter and quickly wipe them all down. Then she lost me with talk of a toilet brush and old shampoo but she's also giving the toilet a quick swish with a brush every morning. Then spray down the toilet and wipe it down with that same rag you used on the counter.

She says that it only takes a minute with the caveat that the cleaning supplies are all stored in the bathroom.

I don't want to keep cleaning supplies in the bathrooms. We only have two and there are only two of us living here plus this isn't the WhiteHouse or anything so the closet where cleaning supplies are kept is just down the hall. I betcha I could keep a bucket at the ready with these items in them and then do the same cleaning process.

I feel like I've failed a bit at adulting over the years because I didn't realize that you were supposed to clean the bathroom every day. I bet it looks better in there without toothpaste dried on the mirror though.

oh hell no there will be no "before" pictures of the bathroom

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    There's only 2 of us in my home, too, now. And the bathrooms aren't huge, so I keep the supplies in the closet outside the one bathroom. That's exactly what I did . . . . put the supplies in a bucket, so all I had to do was grab the bucket and go.

    My thoughts are with you as you await the testing. All good wishes.
    2 days ago
    I love the flylady tips. I have to wonder how long all of this is really going to take though so yea I am wondering how long this is going to take. I haven't gotten to the power cleaning for an hour on the weekend.

    Some of this has been dog decided. Today he got excited barking out the window and threw up. So it seemed like the time to wash the curtains and clean the window and floor. I have not gotten to the cabinets and today was supposed to be day 2 of the cabinet cleanup. I am ahead in other areas though. I wiped down the washer, dryer, and dishwasher Sunday so a bit of swapping is going on.

    I do not for a hot second think that it's only going to take a minute to wipe down the bathrooms.
    3 days ago
    How many hours does fly lady have in her day?
    3 days ago
    (((hugs))) Here's hoping it's just some temporary bug sapping your energy and you bounce back in a week or two.

    Hope I don't irritate you with my FlyLady comments; if so, just let me know and I'll shut up!
    I'm generally pretty careful about environmental responsibility, but that ends when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. :P

    I realized that the number one thing I hated about cleaning in there were the dirty rags, so I installed a paper towel holder. Voila. Swipe = done. I only use a couple a day, but it really does make a difference having the drips and blips gone most of the time. Reminds me of a nice hotel when you first walk in!

    Frankly, I don't care about swishing the bowl every day, but I do like a nice clean seat, lol!

    Background: My mom has always been a bit of a germ freak, and when my kids were little she put pretty little decorative spray bottles filled with alcohol in the kitchen and both baths. I eyerolled a lot back then, but dang, they're pretty handy for quick swipes. So no, I don't swish the bowl, but I do spritz the seat and the rim with the alcohol, wipe down with some TP, and flush.

    All I can say is, I have had a lot fewer colds since I started doing it. Probably a coincidence, but, you never know.
    3 days ago
    hope you feel better ps i dont clean my bathroom every day either ,
    3 days ago
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