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Great news! Whew!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Saw the breast surgeon and got the skinny on the pending surgery...the reasons behind the decision I stand behind 100%. Being a data and risk assessment junky, it ticked off every box for the case to excise the area. Once that is done, we will also know 100% what was a-brewing in the area. It’s not cancer...that is for sure, and the doctor is super happy about that, as am I of course, but hearing it from her made it even better,

The second reason it’s great news is that my genetic tests for a barrage of cancer genes came back negative!! This is HUGE as my mother passed from pancreatic cancer at the age of 46...the age I am you can imagine how happy that news made me today! It’s like I was given a gift from beyond. My overall risk level is still super high for my life expectancy, but that will be mitigated with extra screenings and a healthy lifestyle. Gotta do what we can, right? Right.

So I’m, I am great. Happy even! How many people can come out of a surgical consult saying that?

Baking wise, while I was waiting this morning, I experimented with a vegan, gluten free, oil free brownie recipe from a blog by sweetsimplevegan...I was doubtful it would turn out good, but I had the ingredients on hand and needed a distraction. I decided to try it because I really cannot have high sugar, oil filled brownies and this recipe fit the bill. Well...OMG who knew black bean based brownies could be so good?!? I tried them warm too...delicious. Cooled... even better! Fudge and satisfying, all for 120 calories. Go check out the blog page and find the recipe...give it a go, you’ll be glad you did!

I left them in the counter...can’t wait for the kids to come home and sneak one and hear what they think. 😁🤣😁

Thanks for all of the support in the past few blogs 😁😁 it means a lot to be able to vent it out and have good thoughts sent!

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