Russia FAIL!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Well, we're back from Russia. Before I went, I saw this as a big challenge: almost a month away from home. No scale. No ability to cook for myself. Lots of meals out in restaurants. Lots of celebrations with relatives centered around eating and drinking. A carb-heavy local cuisine.

I went armed solely with intermittent fasting.

I failed.

So I'm back from Russia about 5 pounds heavier that I left. That combined with the plateau I found myself in most of the fall means I won't be hitting the February weight goal that I set for myself back in August.

The biggest thing I didn't plan for was the Russian winters. I've been to Russia a lot (as you might expect from a guy that's been married to a Russian for ten years) but I had never been to Russia in winter before.

And now that I've been, I'll never do it again.

I thought the problem would be the cold. It wasn't. In fact it was colder and snowier at our home in New Hampshire than it was in Moscow and St. Petersburg (the two cities where we were).

No, the problem wasn't the cold, it was the darkness. In Saint Petersburg there were only four hours of light each day from 10 to 2. And not only that: most days there was a thick haze. I went two weeks without seeing the sun, the moon, stars, or a patch of clear sky. I couldn't even see individual clouds. It was 20 hours of black haze and 4 hours of gray haze each day. The third week there was a little break, but not much. The first time I saw a patch of blue sky, I took a picture of it.

I didn't think it would affect me, but it did. I became depressed and as a result of being depressed, I ate. No fasting plus eating carbs led to weight gain.

So, I'm back. I see the sun. I'm happy. Time to get back on the horse. I'm doing intermittent fasting again and a HFLC diet when I do eat. I'm back in the gym and I'm looking forward to a great spring.

Success it just getting up one more time than you fall down.

Happy Sparking folks.
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