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Monday, Monday

Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday, Monday and Winter is really here,
Snow, wind, fog and frost, suddenly did appear.
Our world is almost totally white,
But no sunshine in sight.

Yes, the snow start yesterday afternoon, and the temp. went down, the wind started to blow, and then over night with the fog, came the frost. So this morning the first thing was to shovel snow. It is a lot easier with few animals, Larry clears the feed floor with the tractor for the goats, and I just used my hands to whisk the little bit of snow in the horse bunk. Easy, Peasy. then he used the tractor and bucket to clear the yard, sidewalk and such, and I scoop off the patio and the steps to the back door.

Cooking has not been easy with the stove sitting in the middle of the kitchen, and getting around in there is getting old real fast. So this afternoon hopefully Larry can get some more of this rebuild done. Then a couple days for me to stain and varnish and then maybe get my kitchen back. So I am hoping by the weekend we will have this project done. To be able to still use the stove, on one side you can't open the refrig, but you can get at the silverware, and when you need in the refrig. you can't get into get a spoon. So you plan carefully so you don't have to push the stove around over once a meal.

Since the hub-bub of the weekend the kits and Merlin are getting back to normal. After Jason left, the second time, they were all very clingy, and last night I had constant leg warmers as Shorty, and Kinney were really into getting some extra lovin. And today they also want to be close, Kinney on my legs, Shorty on the sofa about 2 ft. away and Merlin, Bless his heart, as about 2 ft. on the other side, and all are sleeping soundly. The Kits have never been around small children, especially little screaming girl, and they disappeared when Jason got here and never really came out until it quieted down.

Have a GET day and take care. Linda
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